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Clemson Halts BC’s Ground Game: 2nd Half Review

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Coming off of a solid 45-10 win on the road against Louisville, Clemson looked to make a statement at home against Boston College. For the few that may have wanted the game to have upset potential, it wasn’t found there, as Clemson quickly built a 38-7 halftime lead behind a nearly flawless half from Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson offense. Set to receive the second half kickoff, Clemson looked to pick up where it left off from the first half.

Start of 3rd

BC 7 Clemson 38

Clem Ball: Punt

Key Plays -

(14:30 - 3rd) 1st & 10

Having to start from their own 16 due to an ill-advised return from Joe Ngata, Lawrence takes a sack from Marcus Valdez, which pushes Clemson to their own 11. Put behind the chains from here, Clemson goes three-and-out, forced to punt for one of the first times in the game.

BC Ball: Fumble Turnover for TD

Key Plays -

(12:28 - 3rd) 1st & 10, BC 26 - AJ Dillion breaks off a 19-yard run to the BC 45

(11:37 - 3rd) 2nd & 10, BC 45 - Dillon breaks off a 10-yard run for a 1st down

(11:18 - 3rd) 1st &10, Clem 45 - QB Dennis Grosel is sacked by Chad Smith, who forces a fumble that’s recovered by Logan Rudolph and returned for a 39-yard TD (BT Potter Kick)

BC 7 Clemson 45

BC Ball: Punt

(9:40 - 3rd) BC unable to put a drive together, resulting in a quick three-and-out

Clem Ball: TD (2 plays, 80 yards, 0:36)

Key Plays -

(9:25 - 3rd) 1st & 10, Clem 20 - Travis Etienne run for 17 yards

(9:00 - 3rd) -Diondre Overton takes a stellar pass from Lawrence 63-yards for his second touchdown reception of the game (Potter Kick)

BC 7 Clemson 52

BC Ball: Punt

(8:09 - 3rd) - BC continues to be unable to orchestrate any offense, resulting in another three-and-out.

Clem Ball: Missed FG

Key Plays -

(7:11 - 3rd) 3rd & 11, Clem 16 - Coming in relief of Lawrence, Brice breaks off on a 16-yard QB scramble for a first down to the Clem 32.

(5:50 - 3rd) 2nd & 4, Clem 38 - Brice completes a 19-yard pass to Cornell Powell to the BC 43.

(5:40 - 3rd) 1st & 10, BC 35 - Will Swinney gets an eight-yard reception courtesy of the pitch sweep. Unfortunately, the drive stalls around here, and Potter is unable to connect on the 47-yarder.

BC Ball: Punt

(4:20 - 3rd) - BC goes three-and-out, forced to punt yet again.

Clem Ball: TD (11 plays, 96 yards, 4:24)

Key plays -

(2:40 - 3rd) 1st & 10, Clem 4 - Dixon gets the offense some space with an 18-yard run to the Clem 22

(1:15 - 3rd) 3rd & 1, Clem 31 - Brice complete a 10-yard pass to Darien Rencher, keeping the drive alive.

End of 3rd

BC 7 Clemson 52

Start of 4th

(13:37 - 4th) 2nd & 10, BC 34 - Brice completes a screen pass to Overton, who weaves his way through BC defenders on his way to his third and final touchdown of the evening. (BT Potter Kick)

*Following this drive, neither team manages to either score again or put up any more big signature drives, so we’ll skip ahead to the final score card:

Final: BC 7 Clemson 59

Whenever there’s a big first half in a blowout, it’s near inevitable the 2nd half is usually slower, as it’s predominantly reserves that take over. BC seemed content to run the ball, so not a lot of chance for sacks. It was a huge day for Overton, who managed to get two of his three touchdown receptions in the second half. The fumble recovery by Rudolph effectively took what little fight BC had out of them.

Next, on to a 4:00pm kickoff against Wofford.