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Tigers Flex Their Muscle vs BC: 2nd Quarter Review

Clemson turns it its most complete performance of the season against Boston College

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Dabo Swinney had been waiting for his team to put it all together and play a complete game, and he got one against Boston College. Clemson wasted no time getting things going, scoring on every possession of the first half. Trevor Lawrence was dialed in and spreading the ball around. Travis Etienne was running hard, consistently getting chunks of yards after contact. The defense was swarming to the ball, shutting down the one dimensional Eagles.

The second quarter begins with Clemson up 17-0, but with BC deep in Tiger territory and driving.

Clemson 17 Boston College 0 15:00

  • 1st & Goal CU 10- Dennis Grosel can not connect with his WR in the end zone. QB roll out off of a play fake, well covered
  • 2nd & Goal- AJ Dillon tries to break it around the LT, Tanner Muse is there, gain of 1.
  • 3rd & Goal- Draw play to Dillon, he has a huge hole to run through, and is untouched as he scores. Perfect play call.

15 plays 75 yards, 5:44

Clemson 17 Boston College 7 13:54

Clemson Ball, CU 25

  • 1st & 10- Bad snap, well to the left of Trevor Lawrence. He scoops it up, gains 1
  • 2nd & 9- IZ Etienne gains 2
  • 3rd & 7- Lawrence hits Justyn Ross on deep out. Lawrence with all day and Ross was wide open. Pitch and catch, gain of 24
  • 1st & 10 BC 47- Etienne straight up the gut for 30 yards. Ran it between Cervenka and Anchrum, well executed
  • 1st & 10 BC 17- IZ Eitienne gets one
  • 2nd & 9- Lawrence gets 11 on a zone read around left side
  • 1st & Goal- Etienne gets 1
  • 2nd & Goal BC 4- Pitch to Etienne and he scores from 4 yards out

8 plays 74 yards, 3:30

Clemson 24 Boston College 7

Boston College Ball, BC 25 10:17

  • Grosel hits Kobay White for 14 yard gain, but can’t get anything else, and BC punts 3 plays later

Clemson Ball, CU 34 8:40

  • 1st & 10- IZ Etienne gains 5, another bad snap from Stewart
  • 2nd & 5- WR screen to Joseph Ngata, gains 4
  • 3rd & 1- IZ Etienne gets 4
  • 1st & 10 CU 47- Play fake, Lawrence finds Ross on crossing route over the middle, gains 19
  • 1st & 10 BC 34- Play fake, Lawrence rolls right and airs one out to Ross down the sideline, incomplete. Underthrown. Lucky it wasn’t picked. First incompletion for Lawrence
  • 2nd & 10- Quick post, Tee Higgins gains 15, Tee broke a tackle to make the play
  • 1st & 10 BC 19- Play fake, Lawrence hits Amari Rodgers on little out route and he turns it up the field and scores. Great Block on perimeter by TJ Chase to open that up.

7 plays 66 yards, 2:39

Clemson 31 Boston College 7 6:07

Boston College Ball, BC 25

  • BC runs 5 plays for a net of zero yards, punts. BC attempted a flea flicker that Tanner Muse was on top of one play and Jordan Williams picks up a sack on another.

Clemson Ball, CU 16 2:59

  • 1st & 10- Quick screen to Ross, gains 6
  • 2nd & 4- Lawrence to Ngata on a quick slant, gains 10
  • 1st & 10 CU 32- Play fake, Deep throw to Frank Ladson, BC DB knocks ball out of his hands
  • 2nd & 10- Bootleg, Lawrence gets 9 on the keeper
  • 3rd & 1- IZ Lyn-J Dixon gets 2. He was stopped in backfield but powered ahead and got the 1st down
  • 1st & 10 CU 43- Play fake, pocket collapses, and Lawrence scrambles for 15
  • 1st & 10 BC 42- Incomplete to Overton
  • 2nd & 10- Dixon gets 14 on a delayed draw
  • 1st & Goal BC 10- Lawrence dumps off to Etienne sitting in middle of field, gain of 5
  • 2nd & Goal- Lawrence hits Etienne out of the backfield, gains 18
  • 3rd & Goal- Zone read Etienne scores from 5 yards out.

Clemson 38 Boston College 7 0:38

BC runs one play and the first half ends.