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Clemson Soccer: Clemson’s Soccer Programs Heading in Different Directions

The men’s team can’t stop scoring but the women’s team can’t find the back of the net.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Florida State at Clemson Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Women’s Team (8-4-1)

Clemson 1 - Duke 4

This was foreseeable. At this point, you’ve got to consider Clemson a 1 dimensional team and punish them accordingly. You’ll see teams ramp up their attacks and send numbers forward with abandon until the Tigers prove they can punish them on the counter.

Clemson has yet to punish anyone on the counter.

Your defense can only hold up for so long with no help from the the offense, and you’re starting to see cracks forming. Since the beginning of September, Clemson has managed to score 2 goals or more in 2/10 games. That’s terrible and an absolute shame considering the strength of the defense the attack is letting down.

Sandy MacIver deserves better than this trash attack.

Speckmaier continues to be Clemson’s best and only scoring option against quality opponents and the majority of her goals come from finishing headers on set pieces. Morris continues to tease with talent but not produce on the score sheet against quality opponents. Julie Mackin is a hard working player, that’s just who she is. Nothing wrong with that, and needed if you’ve got other players that can score, but playing a forward who won’t score with two other forwards who can’t score isn’t exactly a winning mix. Courtney Jones came into this season with high expectations and has produced exactly 0 goals or assists.

The midfield hasn’t helped matters by steadfastly refusing to score. Clemson’s starting midfield against Duke has contributed 4 goals combined in 13 games. To compound the Tigers misery, they’ve only chipped in 3 combined assists.

That’s real bad, and if it doesn’t improve, Clemson’s ACC swoon will continue.

Next Game

Saturday, October 19th vs Syracuse @ Historic Riggs Field - 7 PM

Men’s Team (10-1-1)

Clemson 4 - Louisville 0

The men’s team can’t figure out how to stop scoring (with the exception of the super weird Virginia Tech game). Robbie Robinson was back in top form, contributing a goal and 2 assists and dragging defenders with him around the pitch. I can’t stress how important he is to Clemson’s post season aspirations. He is currently sitting on 9 goals and 4 assists and that doesn’t tell the entire story, because he’s missed some time. Consider Robbie Clemson Soccer’s Trevor Lawrence.

We must protect Robbie at all costs.

I know I hype Robinson up a good bit, but you can’t overlook the stellar season Kimarni Smith is putting together. He added another brace (2 goals) against Louisville and his rare speed and acceleration make him a threat to score in any game, regardless of the flow of the game. Smith leads Clemson in points with 13 goals and 2 assists. He’s another guy that will play professionally after his time at Clemson is over. There are plenty of fast guys, but there aren’t many fast guys who also have a knack for scoring goals. If Robinson is Lawrence then Smith is Etienne.

Not to be overlooked, if it weren’t for Robinson and Smith’s stellar play, Grayson Barber’s season would be getting more attention. Barber added a goal against Louisville, bringing his season total to 6 goals and 5 assists. Let’s just go ahead and give Barber the Tee Higgins distinction. Somewhat overlooked, but still elite. You’ll see Barber in the professional ranks if he continues on this trajectory as well.

This Clemson team is dangerous...on a national level.

Next Game

Saturday, October 19th @ Syracuse - 7PM