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Tigers Look To Finish Off The Tide; 3rd Quarter Review

The Tiger offense found some life in the second quarter as Clemson took a 31-16 lead into the half

After seeing Alabama take a 16-14 lead early in the second quarter, Trevor Lawrence and the offense started to get things rolling, as Clemson took a 31-16 lead into the break. The Tigers had the same number of points as they had total offensive snaps, and after watching the Tide amass 224 yards in the first quarter, the defense settled in and held Bama to just 42 yards in the second. With Clemson having received the opening kick, the Tide were set to receive the opening kick of the second half looking to get back in it.

Clemson 31 Bama 16

Bama Ball, Tide 25 15:00

  • 1st down carry by Damien Harris picks up 15, as he runs behind the LG and by a blitzing Tre Lamar
  • 1st down carry again by Harris, goes around the left side and gets 11 more to the CU 49. Clelin Ferrell could not get edge set.
  • 1st & 15 after an ineligible man downfield negates a Tua completion, and Tua hits Irv Smith off PA bootleg, pick up of 14.
  • 2nd & 1 and Tua has to throw it away due to pressure.
  • 3rd & 1 from CU 41 Josh Jacobs out of wildcat, stopped for minimal gain
  • 4th & inches Jacobs out of wildcat again and gets the yard. Jamie Skalski looked to have him stopped intially but great second effort from Jacobs
  • 1st and 10 from CU 38 Tua pressured by Ferrell and throws behind Devonta Smith
  • 2nd & 10 Damien Harris gets 9 around the right side
  • 3rd & 1 Jacobs gets the first down out of the wildcat
  • 1st & 10 from CU 26 Tua hits Devonta Smith on short crossing route, immediately tackled by Trayvon Mullen, gains 3
  • 2nd & 6 and Tua hits D Smith on another short crossing route, Smith fumbles but recovers it, no gain
  • 3rd & 6 Tua pass incomplete to Irv Smith, broken up by Mark Fields. Great play by Fields

A better look

I honestly think that is a good no call there. That brings up 4th & 6 at the CU 22 and this happened

How glorious was that? Everyone in the stadium, along with everyone watching at home, knew what was coming. Clemson was still in it’s base defense, fully expecting the fake. Mac Jones loses 2 on the play, not even making it back to the line of scrimmage.

13 plays 51 yards 5:13, Turnover on downs

Clemson Ball, Tiger 24 9:47

  • Lawrence loses 2 on a 1st down keeper off the zone read
  • 2nd & 12 Lawrence hits Amari Rogers on a quick hitch for 4
  • 3rd & 8 Lawrence to Justyn Ross, pay dirt! 74 yd strike for the TD

Ross just pushes Savion Smith to the ground, leaving him wide open. Smith was also injured on the play and carted off

Greg Huegel misses the PAT

3 plays 76 yards 1:28, Touchdown

Clemson 37 Alabama 16

Bama Ball, Tide 30 8:19

  • 1st down run by Najee Harris, gains 11
  • 1st & 10 at Bama 41 Tua hits D Smith on a post route, gains 23
  • 1st & 10 at CU 36 Najee Harris carries around right side, loss of 1. Muse with a nice play to make the tackle
  • 2nd & 11 Tua forced out of pocket, scrambles to his left and hits J Jacobs down the sideline, gain of 16. Tre Lamar with good coverage, just a great play
  • 1st & 10 at CU 20 Tua hits Jaylen Waddle on quick slant, picks up 6
  • 2nd & 4 Tua throws high and incomplete to Henry Ruggs. Play was there, Tua just missed it
  • 3rd & 4 from CU 14 Timeout Clemson, Tua incomplete looking for J Jeudy. AJ Terrell got away with holding there, no doubt
  • 4th & 4 Tua has to scramble due to pressure, and Muse stops him a yard short. Another big 4th down stop

8 plays 59 yards 2:37, Turnover on downs

Clemson Ball, Tiger 11 5:42

  • 1st & 10 Travis Etienne up the middle for 3
  • 2nd & 7 Lawrence hits Diondre Overton down left sideline, gain of 12
  • 1st & 10 at CU 27 Etienne carries, loss of 3
  • 2nd & 13 Lawrence incomplete looking for Ross on out route
  • 3rd & 13 Lawrence to Ross, again

Another thing of beauty, gain of 37

  • 1st & 10 at Bama 38 Adam Choice with the carry, no gain
  • 2nd & 10 Lawrence hits Ross on WR screen. Ball comes out, ruled a fumble. Replay clearly shows Ross was down, gain of 1
  • 3rd & 9 Lawrence and Ross hook up again, this time for 17 yards. Another one handed grab.

The success Lawrence and the passing game is having on third down is insane. And Bama is getting very little pressure

  • 1st & 10 from Bama 20 Bama timeout Etienne around the left side gets 11.
  • 1st & Goal at the Bama 9, Feaster carries up the middle, picks up 3
  • 2nd & Goal Lawrence gets 1 on the keeper
  • 3rd & Goal from just outside the 5 Lawrence to Higgins, TOUCHDOWN!

12 plays 89 yards 5:21, Touchdown

Clemson 44 Alabama 16

Bama Ball, Tide 25 0:21

  • 1st & 10 Tua to D Smith incomplete, well covered by Terrell. Tua drilled by Pinckney after the throw
  • 2nd & 10 Tua to H Ruggs incomplete, batted down by T Muse
  • 3rd & 10 Tua hits J Jeudy for 48 yards, Tua has to scramble to his left due to pressure and Jeudy gets behind Terrell

End of quarter