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Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: TV Schedule, How To Watch, Open Thread

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson is finally at the end of the triple option tunnel. After today the Tigers won’t see another triple option team all year and it can’t come soon enough. As always the rules of the game are simple. Hit the QB, play assignment football, don’t get caught ball watching. Clemson should be able to do all of those things and win this one easily

Yes, as always we’ll be looking at the QB situation. Neither QB has really separated himself on the field. Lawrence has shown an ability to make more throws, but against Clemson’s one real opponent he wasn’t able to keep the offense going. Bryant is still the same as always, effective if uninspiring.

One thing to keep an eye on is how the changes in blocking rules affect Georgia Tech. The NCAA limited blocks below the waste even more this year and that has hurt most triple option teams, it should give Clemson an even bigger advantage.

As always join us below in the comments for this one.