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STS x Pawcast Schedule-O-Rama

We previewed the 2018 schedule over a two-parter with the Pawcast

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t miss our two-part podcast odyssey, covering the 2018 Clemson Tigers football schedule.

Come for the unvarnished evaluation of opponent schemes & matchups, stay for the candid assessment of opponent traditions, coaching ambitions, and deep cut knowledge of wayward defensive coordinators.

May we suggest 1.25x playback speed and headphones.

Part 1:

  • 03:42 - Furman
  • 06:43 - Texas A&M
  • 22:23 - Georgia Southern
  • 25:53 - Georgia Tech
  • 41:19 - Syracuse
  • 47:28 - Wake Forest

Stream here:

Part 2:

  • 09:55 - NC State
  • 22:43 - Florida State
  • 37:35 - Louisville
  • 46:21 - Boston College
  • 53:56 - Duke
  • 60:50 - South Carolina and the Post-season

Stream here:

What’s a Pawcast?

It’s a semi-regular podcast, hosted by four CU alumni — Ben, Cody, Nick, and Sam — who discuss Clemson Tigers athletics from a fan’s perspective. Because we’re far from experts, we farm out that part of the show. Past and future guests include Shakin’ the Southland writers, SB Nation CFB media personalities, former Clemson players & coaches, and a mixed bag of opponent school podcasters, fans, and radio guys.

To check out past shows, visit our Soundcloud page, where you can also subscribe to stream future podcasts. We promise football-related banter and hastily-formed takes, Gamecock jokes, and more. We’re also pretty active on Twitter and Facebook. Check back here at STS for future shows, or subscribe within your favorite podcast app.