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Clemson Positional Breakdowns and Scholarship Discussion on MarkRogersTV

In this video, we discuss why Clemson has only 78 scholarship players and how it will impact the team. Then we breakdown the Spring Depth Chart at WR, QB, TE, and RB.

Clemson v Georgia Tech Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  • 0:40 - We discuss why Clemson has only 78 scholarship recruits on the roster and how that could impact the team this year and next season. We also discuss one specific player who had his scholarship pulled by a Clemson rival the day before Signing Day.
  • 5:53 - We breakdown each of Clemson’s three WR spot. How will the position group perform after losing Deon Cain and Ray-Ray McCloud? Trevion Thompson is a co-starter with Tee Higgins at the 9-WR spot. What can we expect?
  • 9:50 - We discuss the QB battle and Trevor Lawrence’s chances of making it a real battle fr snaps in August.
  • 12:13 - How productive were Clemson TEs in 2017? Garrett Williams returns from an ACL injury. How does this impact the TE position in 2018?
  • 14:30 - At running back, there are some surprises on the depth chart.
  • 18:00 - Will wide receivers cross-train at various WR positions?
  • 20:00 - What are our early thoughts on Miami and the Coastal Division?
  • 21:45 - We discuss the Atlantic division.
  • 25:31 - What’s the best division in all of college football? Mark Rogers and Ryan Kantor disagree.
  • 26:50 - We close by talking about ACC scheduling.