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It’s Mailbag Time!

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NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Pittsburgh Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve had some requests over the years for some sort of mailbag feature, and with December being a bit of a down period we’ve decided to give the mailbag a go. Next week we are going to be answering your questions in a mailbag, but because it is the season of giving we are going to give you two mailbags.

The first mailbag is going to focus on recruiting, the second will focus on anything else. You can ask about the important things like why IPAs are trash, why Clemson doesn’t use purple Gatorade, or maybe some Xs and Os stuff if you’re feeling frisky. Baking tips for Christmas cookies can also be provided upon request. I just finished up making 6 different batches of Christmas cookies last night.

We’ll take the best questions for both groups and answer them in separate mailabgs. Feel free to leave questions in the comments below, or send them to us on twitter @STSouthland.