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Clemson Basketball: St. Peters Preview

Not a good team, but I’m giving them credit for an interesting mascot.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Where: Littlejohn Coliseum
When: Tuesday, December 4th, 7pm
TV: ACC Network

St. Peters Peacocks (Metro Atlantic Conference)

Current Record: 2-5
Previous Game: 63-59 win over Maine
Head Coach: Shaheen Holloway

Projected Starting Lineup

C - Sameuel Idowu - Sr - 6’7, 240 - 14 PPG - 4.4 RPG

G/F- Quinn Taylor - Jr - 6’4, 185 - 5.9 PPG - 5.1 RPG

G/F - Klay Brown - Fr - 6’4, 185 - 3.4 PPG - 1.1 StlPG

SG - Cameron Jones - Jr - 6’3, 195 - 9.7 PPG - 4.3 RPG

PG -Davauhnte Turner - Sr - 6’0. 175 - 16 PPG - 3 APG

Key Reserves

G/F - Dallas Watson - Fr - 6’4, 175 - 6PPG - 3.3 APG

G/F - KC Ndefo - Fr - 6’6, 175 - 8.7 PPG - 6.1 RPG

Adjusted Tempo: 68.1 (262nd - Slow)

Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 97 (291st)

Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 104.4 (197th)


Look guys, normally I would give you some more in-depth stuff, but St. Peters just doesn’t pose any sort of threat. They’ve played two teams from power conferences. They lost to NC State 85 - 57 and they lost to Auburn 99 - 49.

On offense they’re going to play 1 in 4 out and dribble drive the ball, looking for layups or kick out opportunities. Turner is a nice little point guard who can get to the rim, and isn’t afraid to launch the ball from deep, regardless of it’s effectiveness. He’s the focal point of the offense.

Idowu is an undersized tough guy on the inside who will fight for position. He’s got a nice touch around the rim, and a pretty decent post game. Eli will need to keep him from getting too comfortable down low.


Scrambling Man-to-Man

St. Peters will try and pressure the ball and keep it out of the post. They’ll switch screens and occasionally trap the pick and roll. They’re extremely small inside and try to double in the post. This leads to opportunities for cutters to attack down the lane, and shooters to spot up in the corners.

This should be a good night to get the shooting back on track, because they are going to give up wide open looks if you threaten the interior of the defense either through a dribble drive or a post entry.

Press After Dead Ball and Made Baskets

St. Peters does their best to ugly up the game and get you out of rhythm. They employ a some full court man pressure to get your offense behind schedule in the shot clock. It’s not super effective against teams with decent guards. I’m not too worried about it.


Fun fact, Clemson is undefeated against teams from 49 of the 50 states, while at the same time, totally defeated by the state of Nebraska. Lucky for the Tigers, St. Peters is located in New Jersey. If St. Peters is within 15 points, its going to be a long season for the Tigers.

If St. Peters wins we should go ahead and quit playing basketball and focus on other pursuits.


KenPom: 78-57 Clemson (97%)

Drew: 95 - 65 Clemson