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B Samples Are Back And Suspensions Remain In Place For Three Tiger Football Players

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The B Sample results Tiger fans have been anxiously awaiting, are back.

Clemson Football/ Athletic Dept

After days of speculation and debate, the wait is over. After three football players tested positive for the illegal substance osterine last week, each players B sample was then sent to be tested to confirm the results. Confirmed, they have been. Clemson fans now know they'll be without star DT Dexter Lawrence, as well as reserve TE Braden Galloway, and reserve OL Zack Giella for the Cotton Bowl. Beyond that is still in the air. It's hard to imagine any appeal being cleared up by the time the national title game is played. I wouldn't rule it out completely but the chances have to be slim at best.

Where it came from, and how it was ingested is still unknown, and it's possible they never find out, however, officials at the school are working diligently in hopes of finding the source.

Lawrence met with the media this morning in Dallas, saying .02% is how much was found in his system, which according to some, equates to a few grains of sand. He was not obligated to meet with the media and chose to do so on his own accord. He appeared to be very forthcoming while discussing the subject. You can see a portion of that session here.

It seems this is far from over, but where it goes and how quickly we get there remains to be seen. We are talking about the NCAA after all.

It's widely assumed that Albert Huggins will get the start in Lawrence's place. The senior, who was a highly touted 4 star recruit out of Orangeburg shouldn't have any issue getting motivated. He's patiently waited his turn behind the uber talented duo of Christian Wilkins and Lawrence, and was set to take over Wilkins DT spot this season had he entered the NFL Draft.

Wilkins decision to return to school left Huggins holding the short straw. Yet instead of choosing to transfer and play his final year elsewhere in hopes of improving his draft stock, he stayed on and continued to put in the work. He's been the consummate teammate, and most should feel confident in his ability to step in and get the job done. Now he’ll get a great opportunity to shine on the national stage and boost his draft stock.

ACC Football Championship - Clemson v Miami Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images