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Three Clemson Football Players Facing Suspension For The Cotton Bowl

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After arriving in Dallas, Dabo Swinney announced the suspension of three players due to failed drug tests

CBS Sports

After arriving in Dallas for Saturday’s CFP Cotton Bowl matchup with Notre Dame, Dabo Swinney informed the media that three players would possibly miss the game due to suspension. Dexter Lawrence, Braden Galloway, and Zach Giella all failed NCAA issued drug tests issued sometime last week.

The substance found in the players test is ostarine, and Dabo was sure to mention only trace amounts were found in each, and that he was confident none of the three knowingly took any illegal substance. All three tests have been appealed and the players will have legal representation.

Swinney says all three players initially thought it was a joke when they were called and notified. “B Samples” for all three players have been submitted for appeal and the results should be in later this week.

A little background on the drug from the USDA

And a little more

The biggest loss would be Lawrence. One of the top players at his position in the country, and a three-year starter at defensive tackle, Lawrence has 36 tackles and seven tackles for loss for the Tigers this season. The junior is projected to be a first-round NFL draft choice. Albert Huggins, Jordan Williams, and Nyles Pinckney are all guys that could help fill Big Dex’s shoes in his absence. TE Braden Galloway and OL Zack Giella are both reserves whose absence would not be felt quite as much, although Galloway has been seeing time in passing situations throughout the season.

STS will continue to monitor this story.