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ACC Power Rankings Week 10

Clemson continues to dunk on the ACC, ‘Cuse could win 10 games, and Pitt happened.

Pittsburgh v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

#1 Clemson (LW:#1) (9-0,6-0):

The past few weeks have really felt like Clemson is the Harlem Globetrotters and the rest of the schedule is the Washington Generals. Clemson’s out here letting DT’s run for touchdowns, handing off to fullbacks, throwing screens to offensive tackles, throwing to Will Swinney (technically the jet sweep is a forward pass) and there is not a thing the other team can do about it. Clemson opens at -17.5 at Boston College. I’m a little nervous for this game just because BC looks like a solid team and it’ll be frigid. Regardless, I think we can go do our thing and win easily. Just don’t get upset if we don’t break 50. However, please be upset if we don’t get to see Christian Wilkins throw a few passes.

#2 Notre Dame (LW:#2) (9-0, 3-0 vs ACC):

Notre Dame held off a Northwestern comeback on the road in the friendly confines of *checks notes* Ryan Field. The Irish will host FSU this weekend.

#3 Boston College (LW:#3) (7-2, 4-1):

Boston College knocked off Va Tech 31-21 in Blacksburg to set up College Gameday and an 8:00 kickoff with Clemson in Chestnut Hill. It’ll be interesting to see, but you’d have to imagine the folks at ESPN will find someone from the Red Sox to be the guest picker. Or just get some random bro country singer.

#4 Syracuse (LW:#4) (7-2, 4-2):

Raise your hand if you had Syracuse being Clemson’s highest ranked win at this point in the season. The Orange’s 41-24 win over Wake Forest bumped them up to #13 in the nation. Cuse will host Louisville in a Friday night matchup.

#5 NC State (LW:#6) (6-2, 3-2):

The Pack beat up on hapless FSU 47-28 this weekend to end their two game skid. Now NC State will host Wake Forest in a Thursday night game, because I guess ESPN is wanting to load up on #goacc prime time action this week.

#6 Pitt (LW:#8) (5-4, 4-1):

Pitt knocked off UVA this past Friday 23-13 to shake up the Coastal race.

Yessir, the Pitt Panthers are now in the driver’s seat in the Coastal. Yes, we very well could see Clemson facing a 8-4 team in Charlotte. Or even 7-5. Pitt will now host Virginia Tech Saturday.

#7 Virginia (LW:#4) (6-3, 4-2):

Poor UVA. They were ranked, leading the coastal, and everything seemed so bright. But, as they say, Pitt happens. The Cavs get a nice rebound game this weekend where they host Liberty.

#8 Duke (LW:#9) (6-3,2-3):

I know there was some game on CBS that a lot of folks were watching, but if you wanted some real entertainment, Duke’s 20-12 win at Miami was your game. This game was played in a torrential downpour that effectively turned Hard Rock Stadium into a swamp, and then Duke scored their go ahead touchdown on a jump pass. Duke is now bowl eligible and turn their attention to UNC.

#9 Miami (LW:#7) (5-4,2-3):

The Canes dropped their third straight to Duke. Miami heads to Atlanta Saturday to play Georgia Tech at 7pm. They’re now 5-7 in their past 12 games.

#10 Georgia Tech (LW:10) ( 5-4, 3-3):

Peak Paul Johnson would have been for Tech to follow up their big win at Va Tech with loss to UNC. Sadly, we didn’t get that as the Jackets knocked off the Tar Heels 38-28. Tobias Oliver went 2/2 in the air for 104 yards and a TD, which is probably two more passes than Paul Johnson wanted to throw. GT hosts Miami Saturday.

#11 Virginia Tech (LW:#11) (4-4, 3-2):

Va Tech fell to cross divisional rival Boston College 31-21. They head to Pitt Saturday, and a win puts them right back in the Coastal race.

#12 FSU (LW:#12) (4-5,2-5):

Florida State was drubbed by NC State 47-28. The rough times continue as FSU heads to South Bend Saturday to face Notre Dame.

#13 Wake Forest (LW:#13) (4-5, 1-4):

Wake fell to Syracuse 41-24. The Deacs will face NC State Thursday in Raleigh.

#14 North Carolina (LW:14) (1-7, 1-5):

UNC fell to Georgia Tech with Kelly Bryant in the house taking his official visit. UNC faces off with rival Duke Saturday.

#15 Louisville (LW:#15) (2-7, 0-6):

As a Falcons and a Clemson fan, Saturday was very enjoyable for me. At this point, Bobby Petrino has to be a dead man walking. I just can’t imagine Louisville keeping him after this season, despite his massive buyout. Personally, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s let go this week, but if not, he’ll lead his team up to Syracuse for a Friday night game where they’ll get blown out on national tv again.