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Which Clemson Freshmen Will Make a Postseason Impact?

Will these freshmen phenoms help bring another championship to Death Valley?

NCAA Football: Duke at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Come postseason time, every team in college football is looking to find young contributors who can make the difference between a championship trophy and a runner up trophy. Due to the Tiger’s recent recruiting success, Clemson has an abundance of youngsters who are looking put their names in the history books. Lets take a look at some of the top Tiger freshmen who are poised to make an impact.

Lyn-J Dixon- Offensive

North Carolina State v Clemson
Lyn-J Dixon #23
Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Travis Etienne has put up monster numbers this year. The sophomore running back has rushed for 1157 yards and 17 touchdowns. Due to his great season, he will be at the top of the scouting report for opposing teams. If Clemson’s opponents are able to successfully slow down Etienne, there will be opportunities for freshman running back, Lyn-J Dixon. Dixon entered this season ranked as the 12th best player in the Tiger’s 2018 class, according to 247 Sports. So far on the season, Dixon has rushed for 493 yards and reached the endzone four times. The freshman is an extremely talented running back who will look help his team win games down the stretch.

Justyn Ross- Offensive

Georgia Southern v Clemson
Justyn Ross #8
Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

As the second leading wide receiver on this Clemson team, Justyn Ross is very deserving of a spot on this list. So far in his freshman season, Ross has caught 29 passes for 571 yards. The Alabama native has been extremely reliable this year. In games that he has played in, Ross has failed to accumulate at least 20 receiving yards only twice. The six foot four receiver brings a unique skillset to the Clemson offense. Ross is fast enough to outrun bigger linebackers, yet he is strong enough to break the tackles of smaller defensive backs. Ross will be vital to the offensive success of Clemson in this postseason.

Xavier Thomas- Defensive

Georgia Southern v Clemson
Xavier Thomas #3
Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Xavier Thomas is next up. As of right now, Clemson has hands-down the most dominant defensive line in all of college football. Although Xavier Thomas has not been a consistent contributor to the greatness of the Tiger front, opportunities will be plentiful once the postseason rolls around. Towards the end of every season, interior defensive lineman tend to get tired and injured more often. All it takes is for one Clemson D-lineman to go down. Then, Thomas will be able to step in and leave in mark on this 2018 Clemson postseason run.

Kyler McMichael- Defensive

In this postseason, the chances of Clemson facing a prolific passing offense are very likely. Freshman Kyler McMichael will be imperative to the success of the Tiger defensive backs. In a season where the Clemson DB’s have been vulnerable, McMichael will be able to add some depth to the back end of the Tiger’s defense. Ignore the fact that McMichael hasn't put up a ton of numbers in his freshman campaign. Similar to Xavier Thomas, McMichael is one injury away from getting significant playing time.

As the second ranked team in college football, it looks as if Clemson will make a trip to their fourth straight College Football Playoff. It is clear that this team has mostly been dominated by upperclassmen, but these phenomenal freshman will look to make any possible contribution to help their team.

Note: Trevor Lawrence was not included in this list because he was too obvious of a choice.