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Tigers Get It Going, Pull Away From Duke: 3rd Quarter Review

Clemson starts to put some distance between themselves and the Duke Blue Devils after halftime

Clelin Ferrell celebrates a sack vs Duke
Photo by Jonah Sinclair | The Chronicle

After one half of what could be described as underwhelming football, Clemson led Duke 14-6. The offense had sputtered most of the half, as the Tigers punted seven times, and rushed for only 17 yards. Trevor Lawrence was having some accuracy issues on types of throws he is normally very precise with, and then when he was hitting the receivers, we saw an abnormal amount of drops. Travis Etienne was frustrated, presumably with his lack of carries against a very below average rush defense, and there was even a moment it seemed that Dabo was unhappy with Brent Venables over at least one defensive call. On top of all that, Hunter Renfrow had left the game with concussion-like symptons. It could not have been going a whole lot worse, leading to The Valley being unusually quiet for a night game, yet Clemson still led 14-6. This program really has come a long ways.

Clemson 14 Duke 6

Duke Ball, Blue Devil 20 14:50

One thing that had been going well in that first half was the defense. After giving up two early FG drives, they settled in and picked right back up where they had left off on the opening drive for Duke in the 3rd quarter, forcing a 3-and-out.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 39 13:55

Tigers come out on 1st down and waste no time in going to Etienne, and he picks up 20

Lawrence gets 7 on the ensuing 1st down around the left side on the zone read. 2nd down pass to Tee Higgins is high and incomplete, bringing up a 3rd & 3. Lawrence hits Amari Rodgers for 7, and coverts, something the offense had really struggled with in the 1st half. Etienne gets the ball on 1st down and takes it 27 yards to the end zone.

Anchrum gets away with a hold on that one

Clemson 21 Duke 6

Duke Ball, Blue Devil 25 12:15

Daniel Jones hits TJ Rahming for 5 yards on a little hitch route. Jones hits Rahming again on 2nd down on a quick out, gain of 4. Jones picks up a yard for the 1st down on a keeper. 1st & 10 and Brittain Brown gets 2 up the middle. Jones connects with TE Daniel Helm on a little out route that gains 13, 1st down at midfield. Brittain Brown with the 1st down carry picks up 8 up the middle. 2nd down and Brown picks up the 2 yards needed to pick up another 1st down at the Tiger 40. Jones is sacked by Ferrell for a loss of 5.

2nd & 15 from the Tiger 45 and Jones hits Damond Philyaw-Johnson for 14 to set up 3rd and 1 at the Tiger 31. Good throw by Jones just over the outstretched hands of Isaiah Simmons. Pretty good coverage by AJ Terrell, along with Ferrell drilling Jones just as he delivers the pass. Sometimes the other guy makes a play.

3rd and 1 at the Tiger 31 and Brittain Brown takes the handoff up the middle for 3, 1st and 10 at the Tiger 28. Jones drops back to pass, everyone is covered, and Tanner Muse gets him. Loss of 2 on the coverage sack.

2nd and 12 and Albert Huggins jumps offside, so make it 2nd and 7 and Jones’ pass towards the left sideline is a little behind Jonathan Lloyd and incomplete. He goes to Lloyd again on 3rd down and the pass is tipped by Tre Lamar. 42 yard FG no good, wide right. 14 play drive that burned 5:17 off the clock and no points to show for it.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 25 7:00

Lawrence hits Justyn Ross on a quick hitch route, picks up 4. Another pass that was off target, and Ross still brought it in. Etienne gets on on 2nd down, setting up 3rd and 5 at the Tiger 30. Lawrence hits Derion Kendrick down the left side for a gain of 33. Perfect throw.

1st down at the Duke 37 and Lawrence hits TJ Chase on a quick screen, picks up 9. Lyn J Dixon in the game and gets the 2nd down carry. Nothing there, and loses a yard trying to take it outside. 3rd and 2, and unlike what they were trying early in the game on 3rd and short, this time they give it to Etienne. Touchdown, 29 yards.

And from another angle.

More of this please.....

Clemson 28 Duke 6

Duke Ball, Blue Devil 25 4:13

Jones hits Rahming for 8 on 1st down, and Jones gets 2 more on a keeper. 1st down and Jones hits Chris Taylor, gain of 4. Deon Jackson takes the handoff and gets 1. 3rd and 5 and Christian Wilkins sacks Jones for an 8 yard loss.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 21 1:56

Feaster picks up 2 on 1st down, as he tries to bounce it out to the left. Lawrence hits Feaster on a screen to the right side that gains 8, 1st down. Lawrence has to scramble and gets around the left side and picks up 19. Lawrence rolls out to his right, stops and throws back to his left down the field, hits Amari in the numbers, and he drops it. A common theme on the night. 2nd and 10 at the Duke 49 and Feaster picks up a yard on the jet sweep to the right.

End of quarter.