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Clemson Clinches Atlantic 27-7 Over BC: 3rd Quarter Review

For the fourth consecutive season, the Tigers will be representing the Atlantic Division in the ACC Championship Game

ACC Digital Network

Coming out of the half, Clemson was leading 13-7. Boston College’s defense had done a nice job of disguising some looks to confuse Trevor, allowing them to put much more pressure on him than he had seen since being named the starter. We actually got some glimpses here and there that he indeed, is still a true freshman QB. A month from now, we all might look back at this game and be glad that he had to face some adverse situations. There are a lot of things on film from this one the staff can teach with. One area he doesn’t need to worry about is poise. He has that, without question. He doesn’t get rattled and is as even keeled as they come, something that will serve him and this team well in their quest to reach a 4th straight CFP.

Clemson received the opening kick, so BC receives the kickoff to open the 3rd quarter. The Tiger defense would pick up right where it left off.

Clemson 13 BC 7

BC Ball, Eagles 23 14:52

Tigers come out and immediately force a 3 & out. After a 3 yard gain on 1st down by AJ Dillon, Wilkins and Bryant stop Kobay White for a 4 yard loss, then AJ Terrell stops a screen pass to Dillon for a loss of one. Two great plays.

Clemson Ball, Tigers 36 13:13

Clemson comes out and goes straight down the field in 3 plays. Travis Etienne goes for 25 on 1st down

Trevor Lawrence hits Hunter Renfrow for 33 setting up a 1st and Goal

And Lawrence with the nice fake on the keeper off of the zone read

Clemson 20 BC 7

BC Ball, Eagles 25 11:56

EJ Perry hits TE Tommy Sweeney on a quick out for 6. AJ Dillon takes the 2nd down pitch around the right side and picks up 7 and gives BC 1st and 10 at their own 38. Dillon is stopped for no gain on 1st Down, Perry on a QB keeper gets a yard on 2nd. Great stop by Tanner Muse. He has improved leaps and bounds.

Perry hits Jeff Smith down the sideline but he comes down out of bounds and the Eagles have to punt.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 17 10:06

Tigers turn to go 3 and out. Lawrence gets 3 on a keeper, then on 2nd down makes a huge mistake by catching a batted ball that results in a completion to himself, but also a loss of 12 on the play. It cost him a 300 yard passing game as well.

Lawrence hits Trevion Thompson on a WR screen for a gain of 6 on 3rd down but it is well short of the marker. Tigers punt.

BC Ball, Tigers 48 7:59

Terrible 34 yard punt by Will Spiers gives BC great field position. EJ Perry gets 2 on 1st down, as he had to scramble from pressure. AJ Dillon picks up 3 more on 2nd down. On 3rd & 5 Perry hits Ben Glines for 8 giving BC 1st and 10 at the Tiger 35. Isaiah Simmons then sacks Perry for a 5 yard loss on the 1st down play.

On 2nd and 15 Perry gets 6 on the keeper off the option. On 3rd and 9 Levy gets 5 setting up a 4th and 4 at the Tiger 29. Perry hits Sweeney but he only gets a yard and the Tigers take possession on downs.

Clemson Ball, Tigers 28 5:12

Lawrence hits Renfrow for 14 on 1st down. Feaster then picks up 8 on the ensuing 1st down, then turns around and loses 3 on 2nd setting up a 3rd and 5. Lawrence picks up 4 on the keeper and the Tigers punt. You guessed it, another terrible punt from Spiers. This one goes for only 28 and it is downed at the BC 21

BC Ball, Eagles 21 2:25

BC goes 4 yards in 5 plays highlighted by a Clelin Ferrell sack on 3rd and 11

Clemson Ball, Tigers 39

Adam Choice carries for no gain on 1st down and Lawrence hits Amari Rodgers for 8 on 2nd and that is where the 3rd quarter comes to an end.

The Clemson defense came to play in this one. Again. The starting unit hasn't allowed a TD since Sept and it's sure fun to watch.