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Clemson vs FSU: Tigers Break The Noles Will - 3rd Quarter Review

Leading 28-0 at the half, the Tigers came out of the half showing no signs of letting up

K'von Wallace lays a hit on Deondre Francois as he delivers a pass
Joe Robbins - Getty Images

By the time the third quarter started, this game was all but decided. Clemson was in complete control, leading 28-0. FSU had only 65 yards of offense in the first half, while racking up 64 yards in penalties. The only questions left to be answered were exactly how bad it was going to get, and had the Seminoles composed themselves enough while in the locker room to avoid a complete meltdown. Well, it got bad - really bad. FSU didn't just self destruct, it was a complete meltdown. So much for finding some composure. When it was over, Clemson had given FSU its worst loss ever in Doak Campbel, 59-10.

Anyone thinking the Tigers might let off the gas a little with such a big lead were wrong. Clemson received the kickoff to start the third quarter and let it be known almost instantly that they weren't close to being done yet.

Clemson 28 FSU 0

Clemson Ball, Tiger 39 14:32

Derion Kendrick had a 28 yd return, giving Clemson excellent starting field position. After a 3 yd gain by Travis Etienne on 1st down, Trevor Lawrence hits Amari Rogers on a quick slant, and Rogers would turn it upfield and outrace the FSU defenders for a 58 yd TD.

Clemson 35 FSU 0

FSU Ball, Noles 25 13:57

FSU goes 3 & out, netting 4 yards

Clemson Ball, Tiger 37 11:50

Now its the Tigers turn to go 3 & out. A Tavien Feaster run went for no gain on 1st down, then 2 Trevor Lawrence incompletions brought Will Spiers out to punt. It was one of his better punts, going for 47 yards, and was fumbled by DJ Matthews. TJ Chase would recover it for Clemson at the FSU 10

Clemson Ball, FSU 10 11:00

Etienne picks up 4 yds on 1st down, but that is as close as the Tigers would get, as Trevor Lawrence couldn’t connect with Diondre Overton on 2nd down, nor Trevion Thompson on 3rd down. BT Potter would come on and kick a 27 yd FG, his first as a Tiger.

Clemson 38 FSU 0

FSU Ball, Noles 6 10:11

A block in the back penalty on the return forces FSU to start at their own 6. After an incompletion on 1st down. Trayvon Mullen picked up a pass interference penalty, making it 1st & 10 at the Noles 21. After a 1 yd loss from Akers, Francois hit T Terry for 16 down the right sideline, setting up 1st & 10 at the Noles 36. Francois threw incompletions on 1st and 2nd down, and was sacked by Albert Huggins on 3rd down to end the drive.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 32 7:59

One play, one pass, touchdown. Lawrence to Rogers for 68 yards. Great throw, great catch, and the rout was on.

Clemson 45 FSU 0

FSU Ball, Noles 25 7:50

The Noles finally get on the board on this drive. Mostly backups for the Clemson defense. Patrick picks up 2 up the middle on 1st down. Francois hits Terry down the middle of the field on a deep slant, picking up 22 to the Tiger 49. Francois can not connect with Terry deep on 1st down. Terry had a step on Mario Goodrich but its underthrown just enough that Terry had to slow down a hair, allowing Goodrich to get there and break it up. Francois misses terribly on a second down attempt to Murray. On 3rd & 10, Francois hits TE Gabe Nabers over the middle for 25 yards. Albert Huggins drills Francois. On 1st down from the Tiger 26, Francois hits Murray down the middle for 21. Murray loses the ball on his way to the ground. I thought it was a fumble, and still do after seeing the replays, but the replay officials saw it differently.

That gave FSU 1st & Goal from the 5. They give it to Patrick and he is met instantly in the backfield by Chad Smith for a loss of 2. Francois on an RPO keeper gets a yard on 2nd down. Patrick picks up 3 on 3rd down, but a personal foul penalty on Murray makes it 4th and Goal from the 18 instead of the 3. Murray took a swing at Mark Fields and was ejected. Fields is probably fortunate he was not flagged as well since he swung back. Taggert opts for the FG and the shutout is gone.

Clemson 45 FSU 3

Clemson Ball, Tiger 25 4:35

Chase Brice in at QB now. Adam Choice picks up 3 on 1st down.

Brice then throws a strike to Overton for 61 yards and its 1st down at the FSU 11.

Lyn J Dixon on an IZ picks up 3 on 1st down. Brice keeps it on a little option play around the left side, and gets 3 more setting up 3rd and 4 from the 5. Brice rolls out to his right and hits a wide open TJ Chase for the touchdown

Clemson 52 FSU 3

FSU Ball, Noles 16 1:58

Another 3 and out for the Seminoles, capped off with a 3rd down sack by Jordan Williams.

Clemson Ball, Tiger 25 0:29

Derion Kendrick in at QB and the final play of the quarter is a QB keeper off of a fake pitch and Kendrick loses 5.

Clemson really started to flex its muscle, continuously attacking the Seminole defense down the field, and tacked on 24 more points in the quarter. And it was so much fun watching it unfold.