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Shakin’ The Southland Is Looking For Football Writers

NCAA Football: Georgia Southern at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Once again STS is looking for some new blood to help us expand our football coverage. Both positions below involve a monthly stipend and require consistent contributions to the site. Check out both and please reach out to the site if you have any questions or interest.

X’s and O’s Staff Writer

One of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on at STS is our Xs and Os knowledge. From breaking down games to previewing the upcoming games to explaining basic football concepts some of our best work comes here. We are looking from someone who has the capability to watch film and break down the formation, defense, and basic playcall to provide analysis about what went right/wrong.

Don’t worry about writing experience, learning how to create gifs, or any of the other writing-related skills. We’ll work with you there, what’s most important is the football knowledge or ability to learn.

This position has a monthly stipend. If interested please email Brian at

Recruiting Staff Writer

We are looking to expand our coverage of Clemson athletics, in particular Clemson recruiting. Working with our resident recruiting expert QuackingTiger we are looking for someone who can help us analyze potential recruits, discuss breaking recruiting news, and provide insight beyond just the general 150 recruiting article.

The ideal candidate is someone familiar with the recruiting process as well as Clemson recruiting. An ability to watch recruiting film and help break down the quality of the recruit is a plus but not required. Writing experience is a plus but not required as well.

This position has a monthly stipend. If interested please email Brian at

If you have questions about either position, expectations, etc. please reach out via email or comment below.