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Clemson vs Wake Forest- 3rd Quarter Review

Reviewing the 3rd quarter of the Tigers 63-3 win

Travis Etienne
Winston Salem Journal

Coming out of halftime, the Tigers had themselves a 28-0 lead. Little did we know they were just getting started. By the time this one was over, Clemson had put together their most complete game of the year.

Like last week I am going to go drive by drive, instead of play by play. Wake would receive the second half kickoff, after deferring the opening kick.

Clemson 28 Wake Forest 0

Wake Ball at Wake 25 15:00

Wake would get 2 yards on a 1st down run, but no more. Tre Lamar would sack Hartman on 3rd & 8 for a loss of 7, forcing the punt.

Clemson Ball at Tiger 30 13:45

1 play 70 yards Touchdown Travis Etienne. Untouched.

Clemson 35 Wake Forest 0

Wake Ball at Wake 25 13:32

Hartman with the QB keeper right up the middle picked up 8 on 1st down. Colburn then got 5 on an IZ for a 1st down. Two of the next three plays were Hartman incompletions with a Colburn run for 8 yards sandwiched between the two, and Wake is forced to punt.

Clemson Ball at Tiger 18 12:22

Unproductive series as the Tigers go 3 & out. Feaster lost a yard on a 1st down carry, and Lawrence picked up 8 on 2nd down on a zone read carry around the edge. Lawrence would hit TJ Chase on a crossing route underneath on 3rd & 3 but lost a yard on the play, and Clemson punts.

Personally, I could do without the QB runs up 35-0 in the 3rd.

Wake Ball at Wake 21 10:22

Deacs go on a 7 play 72 yard drive resulting in a 25 yd FG to ensure they aren’t shutout. Hinton came in at QB on this drive and had a 53 yd run to set up the FG.

Seems Hinton caught Joseph breaking the wrong way leaving the middle of the field open. The defense would stiffen up with their backs against the goal line with Wake only picking up 2 more yards on the next three , 4 on 2nd plays and settling for the FG.

Clemson 35 Wake Forest 3

Clemson Ball at Tiger 25 8:03

Dixon back in at RB gets 3 yards on 1st down, then picks up 18 on the next play giving Clemson 1st & 10 at the Tiger 46. Lawrence would throw one behind Overton on 1st down, the hit Thompson on a quick out for 3. On 3rd down he has Ross open down the sideline but is just a little off target as it goes off Ross’ fingertips. Tigers punt.

Wake Ball at Wake 19 6:23

3 & out for the Deacs. Defense has really played well today. Wake is not very good but this is an offense that came into this game averaging just under 500 total yards per game.

Clemson Ball at Tiger 22 5:23

Chase Brice in at QB. 3 plays 78 yards and all Adam Choice. Picked up 10 on 1st down, 4 on 2nd down, then capped it off with a 64 yd TD run

Can you execute it any better than that?

Clemson 42 Wake Forest 3

Wake Ball at Wake 25 4:25

Another 3 & out for this Tiger defense

Clemson Ball at Tiger 35 2:21

1 play 65 yards, Lyn J Dixon Touchdown

Dixon showing off some speed here

Clemson 49 Wake Forest 3

Wake Ball at Wake 25

Wake would pick up a couple of first downs but would be facing a 3rd & 15 situation to start the 4th.

This was a quarter dominated by the Tigers in the trenches, on both sides. Overall, a complete performance, in all three phases of the game.