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Prediction Contest Week 1 Results and Week 2 Picks

It’s a twofer. Results and picks for this upcoming week.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the chaos of college football! Last week’s results are below, Week 2 picks immediately follow the Week 1 results. You can skip directly to the Week 2 picks form if you’d like.

Here are last week’s results:

Clemson 56 - Kent State 3

Revan said: 56-10 Clemson

Michigan 33 - Florida 17

Revan said: 27-20 Michigan

Alabama 24 FSU 7

Revan said: 24-17 Alabama

VT 31 WVU 24

Revan said: 35-21 VT

UCLA 45 A&M 44

Revan said: 31-28 UCLA

Week 1 top scorers, which convenient doubles as the overall leaderboard:

As always, here are the detailed results. Let me know if anything is amiss with the scoring. I promise it’s due to incompetence or carelessness.

Week 2

Note: Rankings are Week 1 rankings because as of drafting time the new polls were not out yet, sorry!

#12 Auburn @ #5 Clemson

Vegas says: Clemson -5.5

Revan says: Clemson 31-24

It’s going to be a close game, I think. Bryant will face some adversity, but I think he will respond to it well. And, well, if things aren’t working out on offense after the first half, we can always just switch to the triple option against a Kevin Steele defense, right?

#7 Oklahoma @ #2 Ohio State

Vegas says: -7.5 Ohio State

Revan says: Oklahoma 41-27

Upset special! Or is this a trap? OSU looked shaky against Indiana, but this is a home game for OSU and maybe Indiana is just not that bad (eh...)? Besides from the running game, OSU didn’t look that good. If Baker Mayfield is really all that, he should be able to light up the OSU secondary better than Indiana did.

#15 Georgia @ Notre Dame

Vegas says: -4.5 ND

Revan says: Georgia 34-28

Notre Dame is favored to win? For beating an okay Temple team? I’ll believe in Notre Dame being good when I see them win some big games. I guess this is a big game. Georgia should still be pretty good even while starting a true freshman while their starting QB is out.

#14 Stanford @ #4 USC

Vegas says: -7 USC

Revan says: USC 38-31

Stanford usually plays USC tough, though I can’t name a single person on the Cardinal these year. I’m just going with USC because at least I can name their QB, even though they looked beatable against some directional state university last weekend.

TCU @ Arkansas

Vegas says: -3 TCU

Revan says: TCU 28-20

At least one Texas school didn’t get embarrassed last weekend. Certainly no fan of Bielwhatever, so go horny frogs!

Make your picks here! Deadline is 12pm on Sat!