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Labor Day Clemson News and Links

Clemson released an awesome hype video last week - and other news and links from around the internet.

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Kent State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Happy Labor Day everyone! Have fun and stay safe.

In case you haven’t seen it, Clemson released a video from a first person point of view that is awesome.

The internet approves, as the NFL, USA Today, and others have complimented the video. As y’all probably know, Clemson’s social media team is second to none as this article a few weeks ago on SB Nation discussed.

In other news, Clemson is favored over Auburn by about a touchdown. Since homefield advantage is considered worth about a touchdown, that means the oddsmakers see the teams as about even.

In injury news, I’m sure everyone has seen the news that FSU QB Deondre Francois is out for the season with a patella injury. We wish him well in his recovery. Up until a blatant no-call at the end of the first half, he wasn’t doing all that badly.

The Tigers finished the weekend relatively healthy, although Van Smith apparently suffered a minor knee sprain.