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Moments of the Game: Boston College at Clemson

Kent State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Well, Saturday was way more stressful than I expected, but I'll take an "ugly" 27 point win any day of the week. While this game didn't produce quite the highlights that the beat down of Louisville did, there were some great moments. This week, I want to highlight Travis Etienne's fourth quarter touchdown. Up 14-7, Etienne broke off a 50 yard run to extend the lead to two touchdowns and effectively put the final nail in the Eagles' coffin.

Beast. Mode. Etienne finished the day with 9 carries for 113 yards and two touchdowns in the 34-7 win. I think I speak for all of Tiger Nation when I say "get this dude more touches.” Not to take anything away from Feaster, Fuller, or Choice, but Etienne is a threat to go to the house every time he gets the ball. His runs this season have given me some CJ Spiller flashbacks. Hopefully he gets some first half touches next weekend in Blacksburg.

Now, I know it isn't Festivus, but I need to have a brief "Airing of Grievances". This gif was from the third quarter of yesterday's game.

What's odd about this image is that we are in a tied ballgame with an Atlantic Division foe, and our student section looks about half full. I've seen so much complaining about the new ticket system, and how some students can't be bothered to stick around an cheer the team on. First thing, whatever Clemson has done to the Hill needs to end. It was only half full at the beginning of the game, when it used to be just a solid wall of orange. I've heard they're doing something different with the ticketing and entrance now. It needs to quit. The Hill was one of my favorite experiences as a student, and it needs to remain that way. Now it looks like UVA's grass section.

Second thing, come on students. I know, we were all expecting to blow out Boston College and you probably planned to leave at halftime anyway, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. The game was close. Stick around a little longer. Help generate noise. I promise you there will be plenty of time to drink beer after the game. To those who stayed (and to those who at least came back), thanks for that. Death Valley's atmosphere begins in the student section, so we need students to be there and be loud. You want a bigger allotment? Show there's a demand. Have the section overflowing every game and they'll probably at least reconsider. You're getting awesome seats to see the defending National Champions for no additional cost. Take advantage of that.

Yes, there were problems with the Hill and it wasn’t completely the students fault. But look to the right of the Hill. That is all student seating that is a little on the sparse side, it certainly isn’t filled in as much as you’d expect. That has to be better, even if there were problems with the students getting on the Hill.