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Clemson Tigers vs. Boston College Eagles: Live Gamethread, How To Watch, Online Streaming

NCAA Football: Clemson at Boston College Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

After last weeks beating of Louisville the Tigers return home to what should be a cupcake game against Boston College. The Eagles are in their familiar place of a talented defense but absolutely no offense.

But that combination could make things interesting for a bit. In previous years Clemson has either blown out BC or taken a quarter or so to settle in before taking a commanding lead, usually through the air.

Bryant should have plenty of chances to throw the ball around in this one, but the running game will be the most interesting thing to watch. Clemson has struggled to establish the running game against BC before and this will be a good low stakes test for our OL to work on their run blocking. BC hasn’t done well in run defense this year either.

As always join us in the comments below for this one, it should be fun and relatively carefree. If it isn’t you may resume your usual state of panic.