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Clemson dominates Louisville - News and Reactions

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NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
  • One of my favorite things about dominating a matchup against a supposedly good opponent is, besides from going through the opponent’s SBN team site comments, reading the positive media coverage afterwards.

So, for those of you easing yourself into the new workweek, here’s some morning reading material from:

The State

USA Today

The Washington Post

Sports Illustrated


Good stuff.

Also, USC apparently really thought it was a basketball game because this happened:

You better believe I have hot takes from this:

  1. Dabo was getting his hair cut at Greatclips until relatively recently. So, it’s okay if I get my hair cut there okay people?!
  2. Apparently this isn’t a free service? I guess this makes sense given the NCAA.
  3. This lady worked at a Great Clips in the Clemson area and had no idea who Dabo Swinney was a few years ago? Inconceivable.
  4. They even have national championship branded hair bib things. Awesome.