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Moments of the Game: Clemson at Louisville

Clemson hands Louisville another "L" via a 47-21 route in Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium. Let's relive some memorable moments from the game

Clemson v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It was another great fall Saturday in the South, unless you happen to be a program holding a blackout while trying to avoid losing four games in a row to a division opponent. A game like what we saw Saturday night in Louisville has so many memorable moments that it's hard to limit it to just a few. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

The first one took place roughly nine hours before kickoff. As we all know, College Gameday went to Louisville for the game and the 36 Louisville fans that actually decided to show up brought signs. For the most part, these signs weren't very clever. However, there was one that even I got a chuckle out of: an edit of the trick or treating scene in It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. One trick or treater is bragging about the candy he got while Charlie Brown laments on just receiving rocks; on the sign, Lamar Jackson was the tricker or treater holding his Heisman Trophy while Deshaun was Charlie Brown holding Howard's Rock. It was so clever that ESPN decided to tweet it. While it was a solid sign, what happened next was glorious. Deshaun saw it... and responded.

Wow. Bodied. That would be just the first of many L's the Cardinals would catch all day.

The next moment I want to highlight is Ray Ray McLoud's first half touchdown. I know, I know; I highlighted him last week, but it's so hard not to like the guy. Once again, we saw Ray Ray make a mistake. This time he chased down a punt and fielded it inside the Tigers' redzone when he should've just let it go and roll to the endzone for a touchback. This resulted in Hunter Renfrow getting some time at punt returner. But in typical Ray Ray fashion he made up for it by reeling in a long ball from Kelly Bryant and taking it to the house for a 79 yard touchdown to put Clemson up 16-7 (extra point was blocked).

Right on the money. Fantastic pass from KB2, who is absolutely killing it! It also let us see one of my favorite sites: KB2's ice-water-in-the-veins celebration.

Just beautiful.

The third, and final, moment I want to highlight is that Will Swinney had a reception. Yes it was a pop pass for zero yards, but still WILL SWINNEY HAD A RECEPTION AGAINST LOUISVILLE!! While Bobby Petrino was trying to pad Lamar Jackson's stats by keeping him in during a blowout, Dabo emptied the bench. I'm guessing Jeff Scott, son of former Clemson Brad Scott and former walkon/holder, might have drawn this one up. Either way, awesome moment for Dabo and Will. His first reception, on the road and in primetime. What a way to end the game.