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Clemson slightly favored over Louisville

Auburn v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Quick news notes on a Monday morning:

  • Louisville was initially favored by 1.5 points by at least one oddsmaker, but Clemson is now favored by 2.5 points. Louisville definitely has a more potent offense than Auburn. It will be telling to see how Kelly Bryant and company do against what should be an easier defense than Auburn’s.
  • Clemson moved up to #2 in the Coach’s Poll and stayed at #3 in the AP poll. Oklahoma is #2 in the AP poll after defeating then-#2 Ohio State. Personally I’m happy with pollsters ranking us as low as possible. Clemson loves the underdog narrative. It’s the committee rankings that really matter anyways.
  • Old friend Deshaun Watson made his NFL debut this past weekend throwing a touchdown pass to another old friend, Nuk Hopkins. The Texans played very poorly this weekend (beaten at home by the Jags?) and Deshaun didn’t have a great game, but Tom Savage is awful. I can’t see Deshaun playing behind Savage for long given his terrible performance.
  • On the injury front, Van Smith missed the Auburn game with his knee sprain and was dressed in street clothes during the game. Hopefully he’ll make it back for Louisville. Marcus Edmond hurt his foot during the Auburn game. Coach Swinney doesn’t know just how serious it is yet, though there were no red flags in the x-ray.