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Moments of the Game: Auburn at Clemson

Reliving some special parts of Clemson's 14-6 win over the lakeless WarTigerEaglePlainsmen

Auburn v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Saturday night was once again a special night in Death Valley as the Real Tigers of Clemson beat the Auburn "Tigers". It started out a little rough offensively, but Kelly Bryant and the boys settled down to score a pair of touchdowns and the defense mauled Auburn's offense. A good win like this deserves not one, but two moments of the game.

The first moment I want to highlight was Kelly Bryant's 3rd quarter touchdown to put Clemson up 14-6. With Clemson's defense playing lights out, this play seemingly put the game out of reach for Auburn. An 8 point lead isn't insurmountable by any means, but at this point the momentum shifted completely to Clemson and Auburn's only hope would be if Cam Newton came walking through the door with 2 quarters of eligibility left. Kelly Bryant happily "shushing" the Auburn section was awesome. This moment was also special, because it puts all those who doubted Dabo and Kelly Bryant in the offseason in their place, at least for a week. It's still a long season, but maybe some fans can learn to trust that our coaches know more about who gives Clemson the best chance to win. I hope we see a lot more KB2 touchdowns that quiet opposing fans.

My next moment is on the final kneel to end the game. As the Tigers lined up in the victory formation for the last time, the Clemson fans gleefully sang "Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye". As they sang, Ray Ray McLoud, lined up as the deep back in the formation danced along and waved. Seeing Ray Ray celebrate was awesome because he had a rough start to the game with a poor decision to field a deep punt and a fumble on a screen during the ensuing drive (his knee was clearly down, though) which gave Auburn the ball on the Clemson 15. Ray Ray made up for it, though by reeling in 6 catches for 81 yards in some clutch moments for Clemson. It's good to see Ray Ray contributing on the field and being able to have fun. Hopefully we'll see some more of his dancing at the end of Saturday's game with Louisville.