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Hugh Freeze Resigns from Ole Miss Amid Scandal

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

After one year as the Head Coach at Arkansas State, Ole Miss hired Hugh Freeze to the same position for the Rebel. Ole Miss was 6-18 over the two years prior to Freeze’s hiring, and he quickly pulled Ole Miss up from that mess. They won seven, eight, nine and then 10 games in his first four seasons. Then they they get into a new mess.

QB Chad Kelly was making the news for all the wrong reasons, most famously for threatening to “spray” a bar with an AK-47 and for rushing a high school football field when his sibling’s team got into a brawl.

Rumors began spreading that Ole Miss was paying players and these seemed to be confirmed during the 2016 draft when a Rebel player’s social media account was hacked and his conversations with coaches about receiving payments was exposed. Additionally, the hacking exposed illegal drug use by the football star.

Now, it has been revealed that Hugh Freeze called an escort service from his university issued cell phone. He claims it was a mis-dial, but amid all the scandal was forced to resign.

Ole Miss went just 5-7 last season and had lost all momentum due to the smog of scandal cast over the program. This is a positive move for Ole Miss. Now, they’ll have to hope whatever NCAA punishment comes down for the payment of players comes soon as a long, dragged out investigation can be worse than the punishment itself.

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