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9 Clemson Baseball Players Selected in 2017 MLB Draft

After a solid 2017 season, 9 Clemson baseball players were selected in the 2017 MLB Draft this week. In addition to these 9 players, 4 Clemson signees were selected as well.

Charlie Barnes - 4th Round, Minnesota Twins

Barnes seems likely to leave. Though only a junior, a 4th round selection is pretty good and it is hard to say he will really do better after another year in college. A lot of this will depend on what offer he gets from the Twins though

Chase Pinder - 7th Round, St. Louis Cardinals

Chase would also be a candidate to leave, though it seems a little more unlikely. As a field player Pinder could definitely improve on his 7th round selection if he does some work this offseason, but again the slot money will play a factor. If he gets above his draft slot don’t be surprised if he leaves.

Alex Eubanks - 14th Round, Texas Rangers

Paul Campbell - 21st Round, Tampa Bay Rays

Pat Krall - 28th Round, Oakland Athletics

Jeremy Beasley - 30th Round, Los Angeles Angels

Chris Williams - 31st Round, Tampa Bay Rays

Ryan Miller - 31st Round, Atlanta Braves

Reed Rohlman - 35th Round, Kansas City Royals

For everyone else on the list above, seniors excluded, it would be a surprise to see them leave this year. There is always the possibility that one of these teams really values these guys above their slot and will offer them more money, but it seems unlikely. There are also a lot of variables here including the available bonus pool each team has and how many prep prospects they have drafted. Some of them could leave, but don’t expect it.

In addition to these 9 players drafted, Clemson also saw 4 signees go in the draft. Unfortunately that includes the best prospect in Clemson’s 2017 class.

Sam Keating, RHP - 4th Round, San Diego Padres

Keating was the best prospect in Clemson’s class of 2018, but he will not be attending the university. After being drafted this high Keating agreed to a contract with the Padres the next day. It is an unfortunate loss, but he probably made the right decision for himself

Sam Weatherly, LHP - 27th Round, Toronto Blue Jays

Kier Meredith, OF - 28th Round, Chicago Cubs

Spencer Strider, RHP - 35th Round, Cleveland Indians

All three of these guys seem likely to enroll at Clemson barring some unusual level of bonus from one of these teams. This will give Clemson 12 players in the class of 2017. Drafted players have until 11:59pm EST on August 15th to sign an offered contract. The only exception to this is if they enter or return to college before that August 15th deadline.