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Clemson to Host Vanderbilt, St. John’s, and UNC Greensboro in NCAA Tournament

NCAA Football: Clemson Spring Game Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The committee for the 2017 NCAA Baseball Tournament announced the 64 team field today and Clemson’s regional is interesting.

The Tigers will be the 1 seed as the host, and they will be joined by Vanderbilt as the 2 seed, St. John’s as the 3 seed, and UNC Greensboro as the 4 seed. Clemson will start the Regional off by playing UNC Greensboro at 7:00pm EST on WatchESPN .

For Clemson this is a win because they are hosting a Regional. Vanderbilt is a potential problem in this Regional, but it could be worse. It wasn’t a given that the Tigers would host because of their slide at the end of the season, but the entire body of work this year was enough for the Tigers to get the not.

But as fans saw last year just being a host isn’t enough. Clemson is going to have to significantly improve on their end of season form if they want to get out of this regional. The Clemson regional is matched up with the Oregon State regional, not an exciting prospect for fans. Oregon State is hands down the best team in the country and should come out of their Regional. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves Clemson has to actually win the Regional.

The Regional starts Friday and is double elimination for all teams. The Regional will last through Sunday with games being played on Monday if needed. Tickets are available through Clemson. The cost is $60 for an all games ticket and $15 for individual games. If reserved seats sell out then general admission tickets will be available for $10.