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2017 NFL Draft Profile: Clemson RB Wayne Gallman

Wayne Gallman Career Stats

Season Games Rushes Yards Yards per Rush TD Receptions Yards TD
Season Games Rushes Yards Yards per Rush TD Receptions Yards TD
2016 15 232 1133 4.88 17 20 152 0
2015 14 283 1527 5.4 13 21 213 1
2014 13 161 769 4.37 4 24 108 1

Born: October 1, 1994 (age 22 years), Loganville, GA

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 215 lbs.

40 yard Dash: 4.60

Another weapon in the Clemson Tigers offense, Wayne “Train” Gallman isn’t the flashiest RB in this year’s draft but he is very consistent. He topped 1,000 yards two years in a row including 1527 in 2015. He has some speed (See 2015 vs. Georgia Tech) but his biggest asset is his toughness. One NFL Scout said this of Gallman: "A lot of backs do some pretty things with their footwork and it gets people excited and then you find out they aren't tough enough. Give me a guy who can bang like Gallman and let the coaches put him in a position to succeed."

He is a between the tackles running back that fights through hits and moves the pile for more yards. Scouts love the second push Gallman has shown on film. Even if he doesn’t have the best speed that second effort will come in handy in short yardage situations. An underrated part of Gallman’s game is his ability to pass protect, which is crucial in the NFL today. Losing touches from 2015 (283) to 2016 (196), Gallman became a big part of the plan to allow Watson to throw 100 times more in 2016 than he did in 2015.

The biggest weakness for Gallman is his footwork and his upright running which affects his vision. Gallman isn’t great at dancing around while running between the tackles and doesn’t always see the holes he can go through. He’s unlikey to be a three down back in the NFL, but if paired with a swifter outside back any NFL team will be happy with his production. He can potentially be a force at the goal line with his strong second effort. Gallman is likely going to be drafted in or around the 4th round this weekend, but it is possible a team that falls in love with him may decide to take him even earlier in the draft.