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QT’s Coloring Book Post

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First, thank you to everyone who has already bought a coloring book and thank you to Brian for allowing me to do this post. This is the last I will be bugging you with this, but I wanted a place that wasn’t the comments section where you could find the links.

There are two ways to buy the book. You can either buy the book from the CreateSpace eStore: (where I get a better margin but you likely have to pay for shipping) or on Amazon: Clemson Coloring Book (free shipping through prime). Alternatively go to Amazon and type ‘Clemson coloring book’.

Here is my lame Amazon blurb: Celebrate the Clemson Tigers 2016 National Championship with this commemorative coloring book! Relive Clemson's 35 to 31 triumph over the Alabama Crimson Tide. Suitable for kids (and adults) of all ages.

The images included are the DW leap, MW jumping catch, the OL trucking the Bama Dline and Gallman scoring, Boulware suplex from Syracuse game (had to include some hate of Syracuse), Cain finger wag after his long screen pass, DLaw and Watkins tackling Bo, Hunter catch, DW arms wide open celebrating, DW holding the trophy, Dabo kneeling after winning (I like this one), Wilkins, Boulware and Watkins on stage with the trophy (went with this over Wilkins splits—regret that now...), Brent Venables face (I love this one...), and the 2017 playoff/champs game sign I showed you before.

I’m thinking everyone should share their Brent Venables coloring page.

This was definitely a labor of love. Hopefully you enjoy it and I do think it looks and feels professional. I apologize for the high price (I think 6.99 or 7.99 would have been more appropriate), but I spent way too much time on it. I wanted something that would speak to our community a bit (I did pull the idea of including a page with only 5 hearts...ha).

If you could help me spread the word, I would be further in your collective debt. I hear Amazon rankings are important, I guess?? Depending on the response I might do one again in the distant future—maybe a greatest players of all-time or greatest South Carolina humiliations...idk. (If you know of any other college or high school that might want a commemorative type of coloring book, please let me know too).

Thanks again everyone. Please feel free to share your drawings, and love or hate for the book in the comments.

(Legal Disclaimer: this coloring book is not an STS endeavor or property and does not reflect the views of STS or have anything to do with STS.)

QT colors his book, you should too...(actually this is not me...I wouldn’t color Bama purple but if you want to literally color Clemson’s domination of the Bama D-line on this play in the form of the color purple—you can do that...)