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ACC Championship Film Review: 3rd Quarter


NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Spence's kickoff is 1 yard deep in the end zone, returned to the 19 where the KR fumbles, but it goes right to another Miami player who advances it to the 24. This play would be the official end of Miami’s turnover luck.

Miami Ball, Miami 24, 14:54, 21-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Boundary out v. Man Cover 2, incomplete, batted down by Wilkins Wilkins had 2 blockers squared up on him so he reads Rosier's eyes and gets up in the passing lane. Second PBU of the game for Wilkins.
2nd and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Midline read option fools almost everyone and Rosier gets 16 before being tackled by the shoe strings from behind by Joseph Nifty play design by Miami almost got them a touchdown. Every OL but the LT block outside zone towards the boundary. Wilkins and Bryant on the boundary side ride their blocks down the LOS as they're supposed to on a OZ. Joseph and Skaklski's reads are the the guards, so they begin to flow to the boundary too. The LT seals off Ferrell and Dexter is left unblocked for Rosier to read. Dexter goes with the RB (honestly Dex never realized the RB didn't have the ball until the play was over) and Rosier takes off on the dive. The only defender who doesn't flow with the RB is Wallace but he's sealed by the TE. Luckily, Joseph is able to recover and he gets Rosier from behind by the shoe strings. If he hadn't, then it's just a footrace between Rosier and Van to the end zone.
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Field side fake bubble to slot, fade to outside WR, WLB fire, incomplete, knocked away by Carter. 5 man blitz but no pressure and Rosier has all day -- Dex and Wilkins look tired from the last play. Carter arm bars the WR with his right arm, turn back and locates the ball and knocks it down. The Miami crowd wanted PI but no ref is going to call that. Good technique by Carter to keep his right arm low. The higher it gets the more likely it is to be called.
2nd and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Outside zone boundary. Homer gets the edge and gets 6 Wilkins rides the RG and stays with Homer forcing him outside, but Bryant couldn't set the edge because the RT grabbed onto his facemask and wouldn't let go. Van comes down and cleans it up. If Bryant weren't held/facemasked it likely would have been no gain.
3rd and 4 11 shotgun (trips field) v. 4-3 over Field side Corner/slant & stop/drag v. C1 zone, Dex sacks Rosier for a loss of 7 Three man blitz because Ferrell went to the same flat as Joseph. The LG passes Dex off thinking he has help. He doesn't and Dex gets through untouched and crumples Rosier.
4th and 11 PUNT Caught by RRMIII at the 23 and returned to the 42. 15 yard facemask called on Miami. We got a break on that facemask call.
Great play to neutralize big Dexy and also fool the LBs. Hard play to defend because whether the LBs read the RB or the Gs, the read tells them boundary RB OZ.
I like to imagine that Dexy is screaming like Adam Sandler in the Waterboy during this pursuit.

Clemson Ball, Miami 44, 12:50, 21-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. nickel IZ to Feaster gets 5 After the success KB had throwing in the 1H, Miami comes out in the nickel.
2nd and 5 11 shotgun v. nickel Amari motions out of the backfield field side and KB hits him on the HB swing, gain of 10. Starting with the FSU game we've been running the HB swing (what Alex calls flare) several times a game, with good success. We're putting so much tape of it out there and I think we're likely to start seeing some variations off of it, like a screen and go. Here, Richard blocks the nickel and the nickel shoves him back into the path of the SS allowing Amari to get the edge cleanly. Richard getting shoved around by a nickel worked in our favor in this instance.
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. nickel PA boundary flat/fade combo v. 5 man zone blitz (LB & SS bullets), KB pump fakes and throws it away The DE dropping into coverage got into the passing lane to Richard in the flat. Feaster picks up the LB but the SS gets through untouched so KB pump fakes then rolls out and throws it away. Pollard barely got a hand on the field side DE who was also in KB's face. Ferrell catches KB's throwaway with one hand.
2nd and 10 11 shotgun v. nickel All slants v. C1 robber, KB hits Cain on the boundary for 5. Cain catches it and takes a shot from the MLB.
3rd and 5 11 shotgun v. nickel Crosser/dig boundary and fade/crosser field v. C1 robber spy, KB tries to scramble but is brought down for a loss 4. Miami was expecting something to the middle of the field and that's where we were looking. Once KB decided to scramble, if he just stays north-south here then he would have gotten 2-3 yards and made for a manageable 4th down. Instead he cuts laterally and loses 4 yards. I've said it before but this is one area running where Deshaun was better than him.
4th and 9 Field Goal Spence squeaks - and I do mean squeaks - it through the corner of the uprights. Wilkins showers Spence with love once it goes through.

Miami ball, @ Miami 27, 10:08, 24-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 over Field side corner/post combo v. C4 complete to the out, Carter forces the FUMBLE recovered by O'Daniel. Carter bit on the WR's head fake to the post, so the corner was wide open. But the WR held the ball only between his hand and wrist, so it easily came loose when Carter made contact. O'Daniel recovers it and dons the INVISIBLE CHAIN OF MIAMI SHAME

Clemson ball @ Miami 47, 10:00, 24-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun flex v. 4-3 over Jet sweep reverse, RRMIII barely gets the edge to get back to the LOS. Bryant couldn't block the DE (which isn't exactly a fair assignment), Etienne didn't block the LB, and both those defenders were there to meet RRMIII at the edge.
2nd and 9 11 shotgun 4 wide v. nickel HB swing pass to Etienne gets 4 Etienne gets the edge, Overton couldn't hold his block on the CB who comes up to make the tackle. Etienne lowers the shoulder and makes sure the CB feels it.
3rd and 5 11 shotgun 4 wide field trips v. dime Field side dig/post/go & boundary crosser v. Cover 3, overload 2 DB fire blitz field side, Bryant sacked for a loss of 2 Bryant almost pulled the trigger on the dig to Richard, but the outside blitzer forces him to steps into the pocket instead. Hyatt couldn't keep it clean, and the boundary DE got the sack. He could have gotten the dig off but is obviously just trying to protect the ball at this point.
4th and 7 PUNT Fair caught at the 17.
That close to hitting Richard on the dig. Just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Miami ball @ Miami 17, 7:57, 24-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun flex v. 4-3 under Scissor concept field side v. C1 man, corner route complete for 14 yards Ferrell was held pretty eggregiously and it was the difference between him getting the sack and not.
1st and 10 11 shotgun 4 wide v. 4-3 under IZ gets 2 Dex stands up the LG and clogs the A gap, forcing the RB into the B gap where Joseph greets him. Dex sheds the LG like a jacket and wraps up the RB. Gotta feel a little bad for the freshman LG going up against Dex.
2nd and 8 11 shotgun 4 wide v. 4-3 under IZ gets 3 Robinson and Dex stunt and the RB wants the B gap but Robinson is right there and almost makes the TFL. RB cuts it back but Joseph is there to make the stop. Good discipline by Joseph to stay home when the RB pushed the frontside gap.
3rd and 5 11 shotgun bunch v. 4-3 under Dual flat/out routes v. C2 zone 3 man blitz, out to WR and the ball goes through his hands, INTERCEPTED by Carter This time O'Daniel annoints Carter with the INSIVIBLE CHAIN OF MIAMI SHAME

Clemson ball @ Miami 43, 6:30, 24-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun 4 wide v. nickel Curl to Renfrow v. Cover 3, complete for 3 Yes, KB can still find the gaps in C3.
2nd and 7 11 shotgun 4 wide v. nickel Fake WR bubble then screen to Choice gets 11 Hyatt and Renfrow's blocks made this play.
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. nickel ZR give to Choice gets 5, but HOLDING on Simpson Simpson pulled the DT down by his jersey, so yeah that's going to get called.
1st and 20 11 shotgun 5 wide v dime Field side tunnel to RRMIII, bobbled but somehow caught, goes for 21 Renfrow and Morris created a beautiful lane. RRMIII really showing off his acceleration and elusiveness.
1st and 10 11 shotgun flex, trips field v. nickel HB swing to Feaster gets 8 Earlier I mentioned running variaions off the HB swing, and it looks like Feaster thought the swing was a fake. He jumped in the air like he was selling the fake, but the ball was really coming to him.
2nd and 2 11 shotgun flex v. nickel Jet motion IZ to Feaster stuffed for no gain. Both the LBs were untouched and they both made the tackle.
3rd and 2 11 shotgun v. nickel ZR to Feaster is good for the TOUCHDOWN He was surrounded by 3 Miami players but none felt like making the tackle. This is thanks to Morris who rode the DT back into the Safety.

Miami ball @ Miami 21, 3:12, Ohio State

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 Wildcat v. 4-3 over QB sweep gets 4 The wildcat didn't follow either of his pulling blockers. Could have been a big gain if he did.
2nd and 6 Wildcat v. 4-3 over Split flow QB dive gets 16 Bryant gets trapped (one of the big differences b/w Bryant and Ferrell is that Ferrell simply does not get trapped). Huggins got stood up. Davis and Joseph took the same gap.
1st and 10 Wildcat v. 4-3 over OZ QB keeper gets 6 Jabril isn't quite as quick as Wilkins in getting down the line to clog things up.
2nd and 4 Wildcat v. 4-3 over Jet give to WR who tosses to Rosier who throws for Berrios on the post, incomplete Ball was overthrown but Van was there with him.
3rd and 4 11 shotgun 4 wide v. 4-3 Deep curl field side batted down by Dexter and INTERCEPTED by Joseph Ferrell and Dexter stunt, comes around wide and deflects it into Joseph's hands. As Joseph rumbles he's barking out blocking assignments to his entourage because he wants that TD more than you've ever wanted anything. INVISIBLE CHAINS OF MIAMI SHAME FOR EVERYONE.

Clemson ball @ Miami 13, 1:56, Ohio State

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. nickel ZR loses yards, Fuller fumbles, somehow recovered by Clemson. Miami wyd.
2nd and 24 11 shotgun v. nickel Fade to Cain v. Man C1 TOUCHDOWN Great initial move by Cain to seduce the CB into giving up his outside leverage.

Miami ball @ Miami 25, 1:01, Ohio State + 7

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Rosier sacked for 8 yard loss 5 man blitz, SAM and S fires. Huggins puts his man on skates, sheds, and gets the sack.
2nd and 8 11 shotgun v. 4-3 Deep comeback complete for 10 Tackle made by Edmond. Nice to see him out there for the first time since Auburn.