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Clemson Football Scholarship Numbers Update

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami
DJ Greenlee and Dorian O’Daniel are two of the departing seniors.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the inaugural early signing day, Clemson signed all of its verbal commitments as well as the #1 offensive lineman, Jackson Carman, and the #3 defensive end, KJ Henry. The 15-player class has the 5th highest average star rating (3.8 per Rivals) and makes for an all-around successful early signing day. With the February signing day still remaining, let’s take a quick look at the student athletes departing and how many scholarships the program will have to offer.

Here’s are the scholarships we know are opening up:

Known Departures

# Departing Seniors # Stated Transfers # Stated Early Departures # Other Open Scholarships
# Departing Seniors # Stated Transfers # Stated Early Departures # Other Open Scholarships
1 DJ Greenlee 7 Amir Trapp 8 Taylor Hearn 9 Kaleb Bevelle
2 Maverick Morris 10 Kelby Bevelle
3 Tyrone Crowder 11 Pat Godfrey
4 Ryan Carter
5 Marcus Edmond
6 Dorian O'Daniel

That’s 11 open scholarships, but the Tigers have already signed 15. Where do the other scholarships come from? Additional juniors entering the NFL draft and players transferring.

Additional Potential Departures

# Potential Early Departures # Potential Transfers
# Potential Early Departures # Potential Transfers
12 Van Smith 18 Likely a QB
13 Christian Wilkins 19 RB or wildcard
14 Deon Cain
15 Mitch Hyatt
16 Austin Bryant
17 Clelin Ferrell

Here we show eight more scholarships opening up. Van Smith is reportedly planning to declare early, though he’ll likely be taken towards the end of the draft (pending CFB playoff performances). Christian Wilkins will go in the one of the first two rounds. Both starting DEs are top five at the position can could also go in the first two rounds. Deon Cain and Mitch Hyatt are both projected to go in the middle rounds, so it’s a tough guess if they’ll leave early.

We also project a QB to transfer and a wildcard transfer. If all those listed depart, that’s 19 scholarships. With 15 scholarships already awarded to recruits, expect just about four more scholarships to be given out on February signing day. After talk months ago about having fewer than 12 scholarships to give, this recruiting class is in great shape.

Update: Walk-ons Ty Thomason and Kyle Cote were awarded one-year scholarships which may open up two more slots. Additionally, several players who graduated early, but still have one year of eligibility remaining, could be candidates for transferring, opening up another slot or two.