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Top WR Target Derion Kendrick Signs Early with Clemson


Derion Kendrick, a 4* wide receiver and state champion from Rock Hill, SC signed with Clemson today. It’s hard to say this for a top fifty overall recruit, but Kendrick seriously may be underrated. A former high school quarterback and dynamic athlete, Kendrick is extraordinarily quick and offers versatility, though he looks set to settle in as a ‘2’ receiver for Clemson. Kendrick could be given a similar role to either of RRM3 and Artavis Scott, though he’s larger than either. Clemson hasn’t always been able to go into Rock Hill and come out with top prospects, DK’s commitment is a good sign for Clemson’s ability to recruit in state.

QT’s Take:

Derion Kendrick (6’1, 190) from Rock Hill, SC and South Pointe HS is a state champion and should be a 5* WR. Right now DK is the composite 42 player overall but I expect that to rise, especially with the Army All-American Bowl. Kendrick is set to play the ‘2’ WR position in the Clemson offense after being a standout QB/Athlete/Safety at South Pointe. As the QB he was a dynamic playmaker who led his team to the state championship and should have been named the best player in the state by every award available.

Jeff Scott identified DK very early in the process as one of two potential WR takes and he nailed it completely. Jeff Scott deserves all the credit here. He narrowed in on Kendrick and Adams early and has made these two his top WR priorities. Scott developed a great relationship with the family and got on him early in the process.

Kendrick as a wide receiver prospect showed a glimpse of what he can do at WR during the Shrine Bowl. At the 2 position (the position Sammy Watkins and Scott played) he will be able to display his lightning quickness and change of direction that differentiates him from other players. I think he could also play the 5 position and cross train if needed. DK’s change of direction makes defenders look silly in the open field. As a wide receiver DK plucks the ball out of the air. He also showed he can be a good route runner, although that will take some polishing at the college level. He will need to learn how to be a complete WR at the collegiate level. He will need to learn the nuances of the position since he has spent most of his time at QB, but that will be the only thing keeping him off the field.

Some things have been said about DK’s personality or attitude as being a negative. I’m not so sure those aren’t positives. He is very vocal and runs his mouth during games but I chalk that up to being a competitor. He is the QB of his team and the alpha personality, but he is a winner and brings that confident, slightly cocky/self-assured, attitude to Clemson. Another elite WR take for Clemson to be paired with Trevor Lawrence in the future.