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College Football Recruiting Early Signing Period Open Thread

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Miami Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new signing day. If you missed our previous article on the topic this week, today marks the first of 3 days where college football recruits can sign letters of intent to bind themselves to the college of their choice.

The expectation is that this will now become the new signing day with nearly 80% of the class signing today. The rest of the available recruits will likely wait until the traditional signing day in February.

For Clemson we are still expecting most of the class to sign this week. And given the small class and recent developments this will be critical. Clemson is going to have to go on offense after the season ends to fill several holes in this class, including what seems likely to be 2-3 open slots on the OL.

The big names to watch for today are KJ Henry, Cade Mays, and Lyn-J Dixon. Earlier in the week all 3 were expected to sign with Clemson but as of yesterday it seems like Cade Mays will be going to UGA. Things could change though, we saw it 2 years ago when a certain defensive lineman went to Michigan.

KJ Henry will be announcing at 4:20pm EST

Cade Mays will be announcing at 3:17pm EST, though some reports say he’ll be singing at 2:30pm EST

Lyn-J Dixon will be announcing at 2:00pm EST

Jamaree Slayer, who we are not expecting to sign with Clemson unless something odd happens, is announcing at 10:00am EST. Once again another example of UGA beating us.

Jackson Carman is also set to announce at 11:00am EST, likely between Ohio State or Southern Cal.

Other commitments include Xavier Thomas who will be signing at 9:00am EST at his old high school in South Carolina.

Even if Clemson signs everyone as expected there is still much work to do in this class, despite the star power currently committed.

OFFICIAL SIGNINGS (As of 9:40am EST all current commits have signed LOIs)

Trevor Lawrence

Darnell Jefferies

Braden Galloway

Mike Jones Jr.

Justin Mascoll

BT Potter

Kyler McMichael

Jordan McFadden

Josh Belk

Derion Kendrick

Jake Venables

Xavier Thomas

Jackson Carman!

Join us here in the comments all day as we look at how this early signing period shakes out.