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Tight End Braden Galloway Signs Clemson Letter of Intent

CFP National Championship
The next Jordan Leggett?
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Clemson’s only TE in the class of 2018 has signed his letter of intent today. Seneca, SC, native Braden Galloway has joined the Tigers with his signature. He will join the 5 other tight ends on Clemson’s roster in 2018. Galloway’s primary recruiter is Coach Swinney once again.

The Seneca man is a big guy, currently he comes in at 6’6” and weighs 230 lbs. He’s considered a 3 star prospect and the 38th best TE in 2018. Galloway is also rated at .8585 by 247. A lot of this is because Galloway is primarily a basketball player and has spent much time on the camp circuit.

If you’re trying to find some of the diamonds in the rough in this class, Galloway is your guy. He’s got the physical attributes to be a star tight end a la Jordan Leggett. Obviously he’ll have to learn how to block, but he’s such a big target that he’s going to cause all sorts of matchup problems down the middle of opposing defenses. With the current group of tight ends being top heavy in experience, Galloway may very well redshirt this year to learn before earning a lot of playing time come 2019.

QT’s Take:

Braden’s senior season was cut short by a Jones fracture to his foot (a very tricky injury that can take longer than usual to recover from). Before the injury Galloway looked like a steal and an absolute diamond in the rough. Galloway is a late bloomer who only picked up football seriously a couple of years ago. Previous to that he was primarily a basketball player.

I am very high on this take. Galloway has the height at 6’6. He has the vertical, big body, and hands coming from his years playing basketball. I think he will be able to win jump balls and box out defenders. He should be a terror down the seam.

He didn’t go to any camps or have any exposure from recruiting services, but NC State saw him and offered in March of last year. Clemson offered shortly after. The injury makes it so that his recruiting numbers have him 809th overall. I think he has the athletic talent to match any of the top TEs in this class, certainly in the top 10 (and top 250 overall). We actually need to hit on Galloway because the numbers are bunched up with three current juniors (Garrett Williams likely redshirting might help even it out a bit).

Galloway will give the TE group a legitimate athlete at the position. He will need to learn to block on the line as a TE and will need to process all the nuances of the position (a tall order for any incoming TE with our scheme), but after a couple of years he should be a major target for Trevor Lawrence and a matchup nightmare. I see a good bit of Jordan Leggett, senior year Leggett, in Braden Galloway.