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Clemson Commit BT Potter Signs Letter of Intent

Clemson finally has a kickoff man. Rock Hill native BT Potter signed his letter of intent with Clemson today and is officially a Tiger. The 3 star kicker is 5’11 and weighs 170, which cause most of us to start screaming if he played any other position. Potter was being pursued by the Gamecocks as well as Kentucky. No primary recruiter is listed, but this one is likely down to Coach Swinney.

Potter is rated as the third best kicker in the class of 2018 and has a .8272 rating. He’s as close to a “sure thing” in kicking as anyone else. The biggest thing Potter has in his favor is that he’s been kicking off the ground on field goals for the past two years. In HS kickers are allowed to kick field goals off of a block and transitioning to college can be a real problem. That won’t be an issue for Potter.

To start with Potter is likely to assume kickoff duty even with Greg Huegel returning from an ACL tear. The real question will be if he beats out Huegel for FGs. He’s probably talented enough to do it, the question is how Dabo will want to handle responsibilities.

QT’s Take:

I have been a huge BT Potter fan for well over a year now. I pushed for Potter. I even advocated through ‘the Twitter’ for Potter (I mean I may or may not have tagged Brent Venables in one of BT’s kicking videos about a year ago...that BV then liked...).

Usually I am in favor of reserving Special Teams scholarships to only those who earn the job on campus and that offering preferred walk-on slots is generally the way to go. If you are going to offer a ST player then that person needs to do multiple things well. Potter checks those boxes (he is also a great follow on Twitter).

He will kickoff with height and into the endzone.

He is one of the more accurate high school kickers around and he has good distance already on his kicks. (Kicking all by yourself is kind of like going to the driving range, but he performs well in games and in practice settings. I don’t think there will be a problem transitioning to college, he hasn’t used a block thingy for years)

He does really well in kicking competitions and has a good deal of earned confidence.

He is also developing as a punter.

He checks all the boxes you want and comes from a powerhouse South Pointe program in Rock Hill, SC, where he is teammates with one of your top prospects Derion Kendrick. This just made too much sense.