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Clemson Tigers vs. Miami Hurricanes: ACC Championship Game TV Schedule, How To Watch, Game Thread

NCAA Football: Clemson at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Win the opener. Win the division. Win the state. Win the conference. Win the last game.

These are Clemson’s 5 goals each year. Last week Clemson won the state, this week Clemson tries to win the conference. Tonight is a new opponent, the Miami Hurricanes are making their long awaited debut in the ACC Championship game. Mr Swofford must be disappointed that it took this long to get Miami into the game, and when they finally arrived FSU looks more like Wake Forest than the real FSU.

But this won’t be a pushover for Clemson. The Tigers may be more talented overall, but this is a good Miami team. They have real athletes and have shown they can play on a big stage after destroying Notre Dame. Anyone thinking this will be a cake walk is a pretty optimistic person.

For Clemson, it is all about the passing game. If Clemson can get enough out of the passing game to prevent Miami from stacking the box and selling out to stop the run then we’ll be fine. But a couple of turnovers or a performance like the Auburn game means we’ll be in for a fight.

As always join us in the comments below for this one.