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Prediction Contest - Week 10 Results/Week 11 Picks

NCAA Football: Clemson Spring Game Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Hot dang there are some good games this week, just like last week. I might go like 1-4 this week since I’m picking with my heart and not my brains.

Week 10’s results are below, Week 11 picks immediately follow the Week 10 results. You can skip directly to the Week 11 picks form if you’d like.

Week 10 Results

#4 Clemson (7-1) @ #20 NC State (6-2)

Clemson 38-31

You said: Clemson (100%)

Revan says: 28-17 Clemson

Eff you Dave. And, that towel thing was stupid. If you do it once, maybe it’s funny. If you do it three times, you’re showing bad sportsmanship.

#21 Stanford (6-2) @ #25 Washington State (7-2)

24-21 WSU

You said: WSU (54.3%)

Revan says: 35-28 WSU

#5 Oklahoma (7-1) @ #11 Oklahoma State (7-1)

Oklahoma 62-52

You said: Oklahoma STate (54.3%)

Revan says: 42-35 Oklahoma State

This game can be explained as follows: “There was a shootout!” (Insert boondock saints photo except I don’t have any rights to those images so nevermind)

#13 Virginia Tech (7-1) @ #10 Miami (7-0)

Miami 28-10

You said: VT (78.3%)

Revan says: 28-24 Miami

#22 Arizona (6-2) @ #17 USC (7-2)

USC 49-35

You said: Arizona (65.2%)

Revan says: 45-42 Arizona

Week 10 top scorers, and overall standings:

As always, here are the detailed results. Let me know if anything is amiss with the scoring.

Week 11

Florida State (3-5) @ #4 Clemson (8-1)

Vegas says: -17 Clemson

Revan says: 28-24 Clemson

-17 for Clemson? Wow. If Nick Saban were our coach, he’d be PISSED. This is the worst. We play better as underdogs. To be favored by 17 means that we’re probably going to play a close one or get killed. Vegas is just creating a #distraction here for the team.

#12 Michigan State (7-2) @ #13 Ohio State (7-2)

Vegas says: -15.5 OSU

Revan says: 31-28 OSU

Again, wow. OSU is definitely the better team on paper and it is at home, but that seems like a disrespectful spread?

#1 Georgia (9-0) @ #10 Auburn (7-2)

Vegas says: -2.5 Georgia

Revan says: 24-21 Auburn

The head says Georgia, the heart wants Auburn. Root for Auburn folks. Helps us on the recruiting trail and in terms of securing a playoff spot (though we are almost undoubtedly in if we win out). But, most importantly, root for Auburn because eff Georgia. If Auburn wins it’s probably not going to be because of their offense.

#3 Notre Dame (8-1) @ #7 Miami (8-0)

Vegas says: -3 ND

Revan says: 28-20 Miami

I have my doubts about Miami, but lately I kinda just want to pick the teams that I want to win. I don’t think Miami magically improved this much from last year but hey, it’s at home, Gameday will be there, so maybe some of their fans will show up.

#6 TCU (8-1) @ #5 Oklahoma (8-1)

Vegas says: -6.5 Oklahoma

Revan says: 38-31 TCU

What are we looking at for the playoffs here? Either it’s the SEC, ACC, ND, and Big 12, or maybe 2 SEC teams if ND and the Big 12 eats itself? I guess the ACC could eat itself too. I just really don’t want to see Baker Mayfield win a Heisman so really rooting for TCU here to pull the upset.

Make your picks here! Deadline is 12pm* on Saturday.

*or whenever I remember to shut off responses. As always, if you enter picks after a game has started, the pick for that game will not count.