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Moments of the Game: Clemson at NC State

For the 13th time in the lat 14 years, the Clemson Tigers are Textile Bowl champions!

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

So, a warning before delving into this game. I wrote this article on my laptop. So if Dave Doeren demands that the ACC investigate me, this article may be vacated. This game was rough on the heart not just for Doeren's post game saltiness, but also how close and nerve wracking it was. So, you may want to get a cardiologist to check you before reliving this week’s moments of the game.

First, let's take a look at Derrick Hamilton Ray-Ray McCloud running back a punt to put the Tigers on the board.

Alright, Ray Ray's got some moves...

Gone. Ray Ray switched his number to 21 this week so he could play defense, and the new number suits him well. This was Clemson’s first punt return for a touchdown since Adam Humphries did it in '14 against Louisville.

So, speaking of "first time since" plays...

Tavien Feaster goes 89 yards to close out the third quarter and put the Tigers up 31-21. This is now the third longest run in Clemson football history and longest since Derrick Weatherspoon against Maryland in 1993. Man, stuff like this is why Feaster has that #28!

And now, let's go to the final drive, where K'Von Wallace showed out.

Ryan Finley looked to have hit Jaylen Samuels for a first down and possible game-tying TD, but Wallace comes through and lights up Samuels to break up the pass. This sets up 4th and 10, which NC State appeared to convert, however an illegal shift was called, much to the chagrin of Pack fans, which set up 4th & 15.

And K'Von Wallace intercepts Ryan Finley to end the game. And sure, typically you'd just down the ball and take the win, but Wallace wants to put up six, and I respect that. Especially against NC State, who are always such great hosts (Warning: NSFW language).

So nice. Throwing stuff, spitting, and cursing at refs to end a game is a great look. To be fair, I'd be super angry about everything if my school was the third best in it's own metro area.

This was a gutsy, stressful, but good win. There were a lot of moments that I didn't touch on that were great, so feel free to mention your favorites in the comments.