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Clemson vs South Carolina Third Quarter Film Review

The One in Which Hunter Renfrow Punches Sakerlina in the Face

NCAA Football: Clemson at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The second half starts off with Etienne taking the kickoff at the goal line and returning it to the 39 (admittedly with the aid of a blatent block in the back by Judah Davis that wasn’t called). Feaster is leading Etienne across the 25 but blocks no one because he was looking back to watch Etienne. If he puts a helmet on anyone then Etienne probably takes it to the house. Not that it matters, because . . .

Clem ball at Clem 39, 14:53, 20-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 v. 4-3 Field side bubble screen to Renfrow goes 61 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Penalty for facemask on SCar. We show strong side to the boundary and SCar. comes out in under, so there will be room on the screen to the weak side. Honestly this should have been a 5 yard gain but seven different SCar players miss the tackle and Renfrow squirts through to the end zone like a greased pig.
An absolute clinic by Sakerlina in how to not tackle someone.

One play into the third quarter and we’re officially in garbage time. This play broke whatever spirit remained for SCar.

Renfrow gets the love for this play — and for good reason, sure — but in my book the real MVP is Deon Cain, who uses every bit of his 4:40 ability to get downfield for the sole purpose of waving bye-bye to Sakerlina.

SC Ball at SC 25, 14:29, 27-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 v. 4-3 Boundary Power with jet motion, The RB had a big hole but couldn't hit it fast enough and Wilkins fights off his block to make the stop. Dexy getting pushed around by their C.
2nd and 6 11 v. 4-3 IZ gets 10 yards We're in 4-3 personnel but lined up in a 3-3 with Bryant over the boundary receiver. We saw this in the VT game when we knew VT was going to bubble screen, and again on the 2nd play of this game when we expected them to come out throwing short stuff. We're expecting them to pass given the deficit, and this time Bryant is blitzing, trying to confuse Bentley even more. But DOD is lined up over the slot so we only have 5 men in the box, and their OL easily creates a big hole for easy yardage.
1st and 10 11 v. 4-3 Counter trap is blown up by Ferrell, who is too quick for the pulling guard, and Wilkins, loss of 3 Time and time again we see Ferrell is too quick to be trapped and here he's too far backfield by the time the pulling guard gets to him. Wilkins also knifes through the zone block.
2nd and 13 11 v. 4-3 Boundary slant complete for 4 WR fell down but Bryant was there after dropping into the flat in cover 3.
3rd and 9 11 (TE split wide) v. 4-3 Boundary go versus tight C1 & double bullets. Ball is underthrown and INTERCEPTED by Mullen Bentley gets rid of it too early due to the blitz (which was picked up and he had more time than he thought) and the ball is both underthrown and outside. Mullen trips on the WR stutter but stays with him step-for-step somehow anyways.

Three DL in the backfield upon handoff. Is that good?
Mullen is turning into the shutdown corner we all knew he’d be. Also, this throw was terrible.

Clemson ball at Clemson 43, 12:33, 27-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 v. nickel PA quick outs versus C1 man, complete to Overton on boundary for 4 SC expecting the run so we take some easy yards.
2nd and 6 11 v. nickel Counter to Etienne gets 6 Nice blocks by pulling Falci and Richard. Hyatt and Hearn double the DT 5 yards back.
1st and 10 11 v. nickel PA rollout fade/dig field side versus C1, dig complete to Rodgers for 13 Throw was a tad low but Rodgers scooped it. Catch stood after review.
1st and 10 11 v. nickel Outside zone to Feaster field side with fake reverse motion by Renfrow, no gain. Everyone blocked zone except Hyatt, who ended up bumping into Hearn as a result and no one moved to the 2nd level. A true reverse to Renfrow could have been big.
2nd and 10 11 v. nickel Comeback to Thompson in the boundary slot incomplete. Bryant threw this too soon before the outside WR can run his CB out of there. Both the CB and Skai Moore were there.
3rd and 10 10 v. nickel Wheel route to Higgins in the slot v. C1 man bullet, incomplete thrown OOB Had Higgins 1 on 1 versus the 5'10 Lammons but Bryant threw it OOB. Got to give him a chance there. Nice blitz pickup by Feaster.
4th and 10 10 v. nickel All verts covered up, Bryant scrambles to boundary, then back field side before dumping off to Feaster for 3. Flag for ineligible receiver declined. TURNOVER ON DOWNS. Hyatt got beat off the edge flushing Kelly.
A true reverse here would have gone a long ways. Let’s scrap this play, because the fake reverse action just prevents Feaster from getting upfield sooner, allowing the LBs to close.

SC Ball at SC 29, 10:19, 27-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 v. 4-3 FALSE START SAKERLINA Caused by the Dline stem
1st and 15 11 v. 4-3 IZ goes for 1 Wilkins knifes in and forces the RB outside. Skalski gets outside to trip him up. Nice diving tackle by Skalski to do so.
2nd and 14 11 v. 4-3 Bunch formation designed to get wheel route to Hurst, pressure causes Bentley to attempt dump off, incomplete Wilkins collapsed the pocket immediately and was robbed of a sack by an obvious hold. Bentley steps up and is hit by Ferrell and Wilkins as he throws. Venables' reaction to the near sack is classic.
3rd and 14 11 v. 4-3 FALSE START SAKERLINA Caused by the Dline stem
3rd and 19 11 v. 4-3 Tunnel screen boundary complete but taken down by Huggins for mere 3 yard gain. Huggins was stunting towards the screen so his momentum got him out there to make the diving tackle, which is fortunate because it would have gone for TD had he not done so.
Pure id
If Huggins doesn’t make this tackle, it’s 6 for Sakerlina.

Clem ball at Clem 30, 8:56, 27-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 7 v. nicke. Jet motion split flow to Etienne gets 1 We saw the jet give once in the first half; one more time in the 2nd half would be nice.
2nd and 9 8 v. nicke. Snap dropped by Bryant, falls on it, loss of 3 Snap was a bit low but it hit him on the fingertips.
3rd and 9 9 v. nicke. QB keeper gets 6. PENALTY on Scar for unsportsmanlike conduct picks up an additional 15 yards. They didn't show it on the main broadcast, but in the Skycam replay you can see their CB taunting the Clemson bench. While his team is down by 27.
1st and 10 10 v. nicke. Tunnel screen to Ray-Ray gets 4 Anchrum didn't cut block the DE and Ray-Ray had to turn outside while his blockers were all inside.
2nd and 6 11 v. nicke. Power to Etienne gets 5 Greenlee couldn't get off his combo block and get to the 2nd level to get the LB. If he did there was no one behind the LB to stop Etienne.
3rd and 1 11 v. nicke. Split flow to Etienne gets 9 Anchrum and Simpson move the LOS downfield 4 yards. Eitenne pushes the file for 5 more.
1st and 10 11 v. nicke. IZ to Etienne gets 1 Falci absolutely whiffs on the NT and faceplants for his efforts. The NT makes the stop.
2nd and 9 11 v. nicke. Back shoulder to Cain boundary incomplete. Ugly throw but it was affected by the DE after Pollard got beat outside. Minimal effort by Pollard there.
3rd and 9 11 v. nicke. Bryant wanted the deep fade to McCloud, not there, he scrambles for 2, forced OOB by Moore. Bryant scrambled way too early but thought he had a lot more green than he did. Also Skai Moore is a lot faster than Bryant thought.
4th and 7 11 v. nicke. Bryant speed option keeper gets 13 The left side of the line absolutely bulldozes the dline. DE takes Etienne so Bryant keeps. By the time Bryant hits the LOS, they've moved the LOS 4 yards further.
1st and 10 11 v. nicke. Speed option boundary again, this time pitched to Etienne for 4 Love running the same play until they show they can stop it. This time the DE stayed with Bryant so he pitched. Anchrum can't hold his block and his man makes the stop.
2nd and 6 11 v. nicke. Trips field. Bryant on scramble drill finds Ray-Ray for 7 Etienne whiffs on the blitz pickup. If/when he improves this part of his game, he will be unstoppable.
1st and 10 11 v. nicke. IZ to Etienne for the TOUCHDOWN Nice down block by Anchrum and Greenlee gets enough of a seal for Etienne to wiggle through.
That’s a kick in the cloaca

SC ball at SC 20, 2:41, 34-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 12 v. 4-3 Power gets 5 Sure, let's run some clock
2nd and 5 12 v. 4-3 PA field comeback, incomplete. Had a gimme first down against soft C3 but Bentley underthrew it badly
3rd and 5 11 v. 4-3 Sam fire forces Bentley to dump off to HB, incomplete. O'Daniel has some words for Bentley afterwards.

Clemson ball at Clem 11, 1:52, 34-0

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 11 v. nickel Split flow to Choice gets 1 Neither Hearn nor Crowder could seal.
2nd and 9 11 v. nickel Bucksweep to Choice gets 9 Well executed and looked effortless
1st and 10 11 v. nickel WLB fire, Bryant dumps off to Fuller for 17 Bryant stands tall and waits until the last second to deliver.
1st and 10 11 v. nickel PA throw to Richard in the flat gets 2 Nice play by their SS to track Richard down from across field.

End of third quarter