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Moments of the Game: Clemson at South Carolina

#NeverAgain. Well, at least you didn't lose by 49 this time...

NCAA Football: Clemson at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after being unnecessarily nervous this week, let's just say that last night was a huge relief. Although, as happy as I am to have 365 more days of bragging rights against South Carolina fans, as someone living in Columbia, I guess I now have to live with an irrational fear of being pelted with a water bottle in the street for wearing orange. You take the good with the bad in this rivalry.

First, let's just revel in the fact that anything you can do, Hunter Renfrow can probably do better. Example one: faking a punt return.

Renfrow faked out basically the entire Gamecock punt team to allow the ball to safely roll into the endzone for a touchback. Hilariously enough, this wasn't even the last time this happened. If anyone knows any members of South Carolina's punt unit, let them know I have some ocean front property to sell to them.

Next we have Ryan Carter doing his finest Deion Sanders impression.

A pick 6 by someone not named Dorian O'Daniel? Wasn't expecting that. And I hate to be a stick in the mud, but under the NCAA's unsportsmanlike conduct rules, the officials could've flagged this play and ruled it a dead ball at the 9 when he holds the ball out. Fortunately, they didn't. Maybe they didn't notice it, maybe they didn't care, or maybe they just appreciated this being the easiest pick 6 in football history. Who knows, but it got Clemson on the board early.

Poor fellow. That's a look of a man who has just seen his team get ranked in the CFP poll for the first time ever and realizes it isn't going to last.

Now, we have Hunter Renfrow Mossing a Cock defender.

A nice scramble from KB2, a money throw and a great catch by Renfrow. And Renfrow would continue to do Hunter Renfrow things.

By my count, that means in three seasons Renfrow has scored seven of his fourteen touchdowns against SEC opponents. Pretty solid stat for a guy whose offers from high school were walk-on at Clemson or play FCS football on scholarship.

And finally, we look at the celebration that took place following Clemson's 34-10 victory.

TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Does anyone have more fun in college football than Clemson? You've got the players in there dancing to South Carolina's song and mock chanting "USC" while waving white towels. It's just glorious. A great end to a great night.