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Moments of the Game: The Citadel at Clemson

Once again, Clemson throws an outstanding Military Appreciation Day celebration and dismantles the Citadel 61-3

NCAA Football: The Citadel at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Well, as expected, Clemson picked up an easy win against the Citadel. Obviously this was expected because it's not like a Power 5 program from the state of South Carolina has struggled, or even lost to the Citadel in recent history right?

If you don't remember, this fellow became famous after the 2015 South Carolina Gamecocks lost a 23-22 nailbiter against the Citadel in WIlliams Brice Stadium. But, enough shade toward South Carolina, that's what the rest of this week is for.

First let's look at what Tee Higgins getting his first career TD.

Just great focus from Higgins there. Tee had 6 catches for 178 yards, including another touchdown that was also impressive.

Hunter Johnson hits Tee in stride, Tee makes the one handed grab and walks the tight rope to stay in bounds and get six. Hunter Johnson looked outstanding Saturday. It sounds like he still has some learning to do with the playbook, but the raw ability is definitely there. Next year's QB competition could get very interesting with the plethora of talent Clemson will have on the roster. Also, thank you so much Tennessee for letting Tee Higgins get away from y'all. It's kindness to other programs like that that helps make the University of Tennessee football program the undisputed "Life Champions" of the College Football World.

Next, let's look at a few off the field moments that made Military Appreciation Day special. First, we get Tiger Band honoring America with help from Mr. Lee Greenwood.

That was a pretty awesome surprise. Military Appreciation Day is always one of my favorite games. It always produces cool moments that leave you with chills. The other moment I want to highlight is seeing a member of the Navy returning home and being reunited with his family at the game.

I've seen so many versions of the "military member surprises family at a sporting event" play, and it never gets old.

And finally, I'd like to point out a truly mind blowing stat of the day. Hunter Renfrow caught his first touchdown of the season in the first half.

Yeah, somehow Renfrow hasn't caught a touchdown since he had the greatest touchdown reception in history back in January. But, there's an even more head-scratching stat tied to it.

What? Dude's only caught two touchdowns in his three year career in Death Valley. This is a man that has signed countless copies of Sports Illustrated hat feature him catching a touchdown on the cover and has only caught two touchdowns in Death Valley in three seasons? Granted, he was injured for part of last season, but still, next year, can we please reward Renfrow's clutchness with some redzone passes?

As always, in a game like this it's hard to highlight every single moment that may have stood out to some. So, feel free to mention your favorite moments in the comments.