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Prediction Contest - Week 9 Results/Week 10 Picks

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9’s results are below, Week 10 picks immediately follow the Week 9 results. You can skip directly to the Week 10 picks form if you’d like.

Week 9 Results

Clemson 24 - GT 10

Revan said: Clemson 28-24

You said: Clemson (100%)

A more comfortable margin than I would have expected in a rainstorm.

Oklahoma State 50 - WVU 39

Revan said: WVU 35-34

You said: Oklahoma State (71.1%)

Ohio State 39 - Penn State 38

Revan said: Ohio State 34-31

You said: Ohio State (57.8%)

Notre Dame 35 - NC State 14

Revan said: ND 27-21

You said: ND (68.9%)

Well, NC State had its chance to be a contender. Now it has essentially no shot at the playoffs unless major chaos happens and it wins out.

Arizona 58 - Washington State 37

Revan said: Arizona 45-42

You said: WSU (75.6%)

This guy would be a lock for the Heisman if all his games weren’t #pac12afterdark

Week 9 top scorers, and overall standings:

As always, here are the detailed results. Let me know if anything is amiss with the scoring.

Week 10

#4 Clemson (7-1) @ #20 NC State (6-2)

Vegas says: -8 Clemson

Revan says: 28-17 Clemson

NC State seems to be one of those teams that vexes us, and this is on the road. Still... I believe that we should win?

#21 Stanford (6-2) @ #25 Washington State (7-2)

Vegas says: -2 WSU

Revan says: 35-28 WSU

#5 Oklahoma (7-1) @ #11 Oklahoma State (7-1)

Vegas says: -2.5 Oklahoma State

Revan says: 42-35 Oklahoma State

Such disrespect for Baker Mayfield. I love it because eff Baker Mayfield.

#13 Virginia Tech (7-1) @ #10 Miami (7-0)

Vegas says: -2.5 VT

Revan says: 28-24 Miami

Welp, Miami gets a chance to prove they’re a contender and basically clinch the Coastal. Vegas likes VT but my foolishly spent money is on Miami in an attempt to jinx them.

#22 Arizona (6-2) @ #17 USC (7-2)

Vegas says: -7 USC

Revan says: 45-42 Arizona

Yeah I’m going with the team with the really exciting guy who’s actually a Heisman contender at QB again.

Make your picks here! Deadline is 12pm* on Saturday.

*or whenever I remember to shut off responses. As always, if you enter picks after a game has started, the pick for that game will not count.