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Clemson Basketball Recruited Talented Analysis

ACC Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

All football season long, we’ve brought you graphical breakdowns of Clemson’s two-deep depth chart and those of our opponents. In that spirit, we’ve made a similar breakdown of the basketball team. Since basketball rosters are much smaller, we’ve included all scholarship players and show additional breakouts for the transfers and the freshmen.

Here are the details:

Clemson Basketball Roster 2016-17

Name Year Rivals stars Original School
Name Year Rivals stars Original School
Mark Donnal Senior 4 Michigan
Donte Grantham Senior 4 Clemson
Gabe DeVoe Senior 3 Clemson
Marcquise Reed Junior 2 Robert Morris
Shelton Mitchell Junior 4 Vanderbilt
Elijah Thomas Junior 4 Texas A&M
David Skara Junior 2 Valparaiso
Aamir Simms Freshman 4 Clemson
Clyde Trapp Freshman 3 Clemson
Anthony Oliver II RS Freshman 4 Clemson
Scott Spencer Sophomore 3 Clemson
Malik William Freshman 3 Clemson

As you can tell, the lower rating on the transfers is a bit deceiving. Two of them - Reed and Skara - were 2-star recruits when they went to Robert Morris and Valparaiso, respectively. Morris proved to be one of the best scorers in the Colonial, while Skara is three years out of Valparaiso and was a transfer target of Vanderbilt (the transfer was blocked).

An average of 3.50 stars for the four freshmen is encouraging. Cycle Trapp has already shown a knack for attacking the paint and Aamir Simms can be a major contributor. He will certainly be needed until David Skara returns.

We’ll dig into this a bit more as we preview a few opponents this season. The Tigers take on Ohio in the Charleston Classic tomorrow. It’ll be Clemson’s toughest opponent to date. From there the competition only improves.