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Moments of the Game: Wake Forest at Clemson

Another week, another win for our #2 Clemson Tigers

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Homecoming at Clemson. Does it get much better? The floats on Bowman, Tigerama, alumni coming back to reminisce., and a Tiger victory. There's not too much someone can ask for in a weekend. So let's enjoy this win. Apologies in advance for the choppy gifs. They should be better than last week, and hopefully by next week I'll have gotten a better way to make them.

Moment number one was on the opening drive when Kelly Bryant connected with my dude Deon Cain for a 28 yard touchdown pass.

Yes. We. Cain. I love seeing Deon burning cornerbacks and finding paydirt. This was a great way to start the game and set the tone. Honestly, after this play, the little worries I had about this game went away. Keep throwing to Deon and good things will happen.

Next, let's go to what the student section did at halftime. Sadly I don't have a video or gif, but some students found some giant paper and made an airplane and attempted to fly it to the field. It eventually made it to the field. I'm totally in favor of this becoming a new half time tradition.

Our next moment will bring tears to fans of the Tennessee Volunteers as they watch what could have been.

Yup, that's Tennessee native Tee Higgins (named for legendary Vols QB Tee Martin) absolutely destroying a Wake Forest DB. Isn't it so awesome whenever this kid makes plays? Not only are we seeing a Tiger ball out, but also it chips away at whatever little claim Tennessee tries to have at the title of "WRU." I love seeing a ball carrier laying a lick on a defender. Just such a fun play overall.

Finally, let's admire third-string QB Hunter Johnson. The true freshman sold an heck of a fake and tossed a beautiful pass to Cannon Smith for both Johnson's first collegiate career TD pass and Smith's first collegiate career TD reception.

Johnson sold that play action so well! It's great to see young players get to show out, and it is also a good reminder that Clemson's QB lineup is talented now and will be talented for a while!