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Moments of the Game: Georgia Tech at Clemson

Breaking down some fun times from the underwater victory on Saturday.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson
I swag when I surf, now watch me surf and swag.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Venables and the Tigers once again limited Paul Johnson's triple-option attack in a wet 24-10 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Tiger Defense held the Jackets to 198 rushing yards and played with a lot more swagger than we saw two weeks ago in Syracuse. Speaking of swagger...

Yep, that's the defensive line busting some moves to F.L.Y's 2009 hit "Swag Surfin" prior to the snap during a third quarter GT possession. The Tigers' dance moves and energy helped ignite the soggy crowd and keep the energy going through out the game. Seeing Clemson have fun again like this was awesome.

The first football moment I want to highlight is Clemson's second offensive play of the game.

#YesWeCain. Two plays in Deon Cain picked up 38 of his team leading 57 yards receiving to put the Tigers up early 7-0. This was Kelly Bryant's first touchdown pass since the first quarter of the Wake Forest game. Deon Cain shows what he can do with the ball, making a defender miss and creating an explosive play for this offense. Clemson only had six passing TDs on the season and needs more of this.

And finally, I'd like to present to you reason number 3,531 that we love Dabo.

Travis Etienne had a great run but unfortunately fumbled the wet ball at the end, leading to a turnover. So what does Dabo do? He puts his arms around him and gives him some words of encouragement. During the post game show, Dabo elaborated on what he said to Travis Etienne. It was something along the lines of "Hank Aaron hit 755 career home runs, but he also struck out 1,383 times. It's about how you respond." It is awesome that not only is he giving good words of encouragement on the sideline but also dishing out some great baseball trivia. Dabo is a special breed.

Saturday night was a spectacular and fun game. For the 80,500 plus that showed up, thank you. The atmosphere was amazing. It was cold, pouring rain, and sloppy, and the Clemson Family showed out and had a blast. Good showing by the student section this weekend as well; hopefully the revamped ticket system is working. Last but not least, congrats to Danny Ford on being honored at the game for his College Football Hall of Fame induction!