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Prediction Contest - Week 5 Results/Week 6 Picks

Note there is a Thursday game. Make your picks by kickoff on Thursday!

Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Important: Louisville/NC State kicks off on THURSDAY. Your pick for that game must be in by kickoff or it will not count.

Last week’s results are below, Week 6 picks immediately follow the Week 5 results. You can skip directly to the Week 6 picks form if you’d like.

Week 5 Results

Clemson 31 - Virginia Tech 17

Revan said: Clemson 31-20

You said: Clemson (95.7%)

That damn fake field goal by VT cost me a perfect prediction.

Washington State 30 - USC 27

Revan said: Washington State 35-28

You said: USC (68.6%)

Hey, actually picked an upset right for once.

Miami 31 - Duke 6

Revan said: Duke 35-31

You said: Miami (71.4%)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oops. It was closer than it looked?

Auburn 49 - Mississippi State 10

Revan said: Auburn 20-10

You said: Auburn (90%)

Gotta root for Auburn now so we have that OOC quality win boys.

Georgia 41 - Tennessee L0Lunteers 0

Revan said: Georgia 31-21

You said: Georgia (95.7%)

Other programs are circling Tennesee’s recruits like vultures waiting for Butch Jones to die, I mean get fired.

Week 5 top scorers, and overall standings:

As always, here are the detailed results. Let me know if anything is amiss with the scoring.

Week 6

Wake Forest (4-1) @ #2 Clemson (5-0)

Vegas says: Clemson -22

Revan says: Clemson 28-10

It doesn’t feel like Clemson will cover, but it also doesn’t feel like Wake should score much on this defense. Please no Gameday hangover, thanks!


(Pick for this game must be in before kickoff on Thursday to count)

#17 Louisville (4-1) @ #24 NC State (4-1)

Vegas says: -4 Louisville

Revan says: 45-40 Louisville

Do we want Louisville to win out so we have a better quality win, or NC State? A baffling opening loss to South Carolina seems to be behind the Wolfpack. They’ve beaten a 3-1 Marshall team, Syracuse (who I think is probably better than their record indicates), and FSU. FSU still has a pretty good defense and NC State put up 27 on them. Poor Wolfpack fans. Imagine if they hadn’t screwed the pooch against the Gamecocks. A win here might have put them close to the top 10. If they followed that up with a win at home against Clemson (Gameday AGAIN) they could be playoff contenders. Heck, they’ve still got a chance to be a playoff contender if things break the right way for them and they win out.

The real question here is can they contain Lamar like Clemson did? If you limit Lamar, Louisville has no chance without dumb mistakes or turnovers on the part of the Wolfpack. I’ll take Louisville, though, in a shootout. I’m not sold on the NC State defense, but happy to have them prove me wrong.

#23 West Virginia (3-1) @ #8 TCU (4-0)

Vegas says: -14 TCU

Revan says: TCU 41-21

West Virginia has put up points recently, but this will be the best defense they’ve played against since VT.

#13 Miami (3-0) @ Florida State (1-2)

Vegas says: -3 Miami

Revan says: Miami 27-20

After demolishing Duke, Miami will be against a much better defense in FSU. But, can FSU score? I’d like FSU to win, but I’m also very okay with them losing (please respect my decision and no interviews).

LSU (3-2) @ #21 Florida (3-1)

Vegas says: -3.5 Florida

Revan says: Florida 28-17

Well, a good chunk of Florida’s team is facing felony charges, their newly named starter is now out for the season, and yet, they keep winning. LSU is entering dumpster fire territory though (again, Les Miles died for this?).


*or whenever I remember to shut off responses. As always, if you enter picks after a game has started, the pick for that game will not count.