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Prediction Contest - Week 7 Results/Week 9 Picks

Kent State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

The contest took a bye week last week to recover from both Clemson’s poor performance and from my own poor performance. Let’s just ignore the fact that I only picked one game correctly in Week 7 shall we?

Week 7’s results are below, Week 9 picks immediately follow the Week 7 results. You can skip directly to the Week 9 picks form if you’d like.

Week 7 Results

Syracuse 27 - Clemson 24

Revan said: Clemson 42-24

You said: Clemson (100%)

I have blocked this game from my memory. I don’t believe it actually happened. Let me just say that it was not a good idea to start Kelly Bryant and an even worse idea to keep him in after he showed that he was struggling with the ankle injury.

WVU 46 - TTU 35

Revan said: Texas Tech 45-35

You said: WVU (57.9%)

LSU 27 - Auburn 23

Revan said: Auburn 28-17

You said: Auburn (98.2%)


Miami 25 - GT 24

Revan said: GT 35-28

You said: Miami (66.7%)

Double sigh.

Oklahoma 29 - Texas 24

Revan said: Oklahoma 48-38

You said: Oklahoma (86%)

Week 7 top scorers, and overall standings:

I guess Jeremy is just better than us.

As always, here are the detailed results. Let me know if anything is amiss with the scoring.

Week 9

Georgia Tech (4-2) @ #7 Clemson (6-1)

Vegas says: Clemson -14.5

Revan says: Clemson 28-24

I don’t have a good feeling about this game. Kelly Bryant is not going to be 100% and the coaches seem to think Zerrick is our best shot after him even though his performance has been uh, not great. Hopefully the loss last week will light a fire under the team and the defense will destroy GT’s option attack. If I was a betting man I would take GT to cover or even to win. I think this could be a dogfight or we could get blown the eff out if the offense decides to chuck screen passes all day and KB can’t run. Also, I will not be counting on Clemson kicking any field goals for the rest of the year.

#11 Oklahoma State (6-1) @ #22 West Virginia (5-2)

Vegas says: -6 Oklahoma State

Revan says: WVU 35-34

I have done terribly this year trying to pick upsets but that certainly will not stop me from trying again damnit.

#2 Penn State (7-0) @ #6 Ohio State (6-1)

Vegas says: -6 Ohio State

Revan says: Ohio State 34-31

Let me just say that, in my eyes, Penn State deserves to wallow in futility for a few decades after the crap that happened on Paterno’s watch. With that said, Penn State is probably going to win this? But, the oddsmakers like Ohio State and hey, it’s at Ohio State... I can’t root for Penn State to win so I’m going to have to pick OSU even though my brain says Penn State

#14 NC State (6-1) @ #9 Notre Dame (6-1)

Vegas says: -7.5 ND

Revan says: ND 27-21

Ideally, NC State would win, and then we would beat NC State. Simple, right? But, things have not tended to turn out the way I’d like them to this year.

#15 Washington State (7-1) @ Arizona (5-2)

Vegas says: -5 WSU

Revan says: Arizona 45-42

Khalil Tate is this year’s Lamar Jackson. Electric runs. Very exciting. So sure, I’ll pick them for the upset. I expect offensive fireworks.

Make your picks here! Deadline is 12pm* on Saturday.

*or whenever I remember to shut off responses. As always, if you enter picks after a game has started, the pick for that game will not count.