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Clemson picks up new Hate material for VT

Random news and thoughts following a solid win over Virginia Tech

NCAA Football: Clemson at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Special teams aside, Clemson was able to put away VT quite handily. VT was unsurprisingly tough on defense, but thanks to a bust and a few solid drives, Clemson came out on top with an impressive performance on defense. Clemson was also impressive in the locker room after the game:

The real news from the game had to do with seating. The Tiger band was relegated to the nosebleed section

Afterwards, it was explained by Clemson and Virginia Tech that the seating was not unusual. As we all know, opposing bands and fans have a ticketing allotment in pretty decent location in the lower deck when they come to Death Valley. Apparently VT’s band is usually put in bad seats, so they put opposing bands in bad seats. To me it makes more sense to only do that to schools who do it to you, but I understand that there’s some season ticket considerations to think about.

Call me petty (and I am being petty), but I’d like to see us return the favor when teams like VT put us in a bad spot. What Clemson should do when VT (or any school that does this to us) visits is to take the tickets they would have gotten in the lower deck and swap them for the worst seats in the upper deck. Those fans can get the nice tickets VT would be no longer getting.

Y’know, if Jim Harbaugh had this happen to him I bet he’d make it so the opposing team’s band was randomly distributed throughout the stadium individually. At least we’ve got some fresh material for the next VT hate piece (maybe during ACC championship week?)

Anyways, in other news: